21+ Individually Wrapped Snacks for School (2024)

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Last year in 2020 my son’s preschool developed a policy that kids could only bring in individually wrapped snacks for school. At his preschool, they take turns bringing in snacks to share so it was part of their mitigation plan for Covid and germs. I know many other parents are in the same place with needing healthy prepacked snack ideas that are also individually wrapped.

This list will offer you a variety of ideas on individual snacks for your kids to take to preschool (or school if they are older).

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21+ Individually Wrapped Snacks for School (2)

Healthy Individually Packaged Snacks for Kids

These individually wrapped snacks are great for school, preschool, or daycare because they’re easy to pack and store. I did try to keep the list somewhat healthy and saved the sweeter treats for the next category of birthday treats.

  1. GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce – Nut, dairy, and gluten-free (and no added sugars)
  2. That’s It Bars – Free of the top 12 allergens and made of only fruit.
  3. String Cheese – If your school has access to a refrigerator for snacks, cheese sticks can be perfect because they provide protein and fat whereas many store-bought snacks do not.
  4. Babybel Cheese – I love this 3 ingredient cheese option.
  5. Bitsy’s Brainfood Crackers – These nut-free crackers are a great option. They come in a variety of flavors and are one of my favorite crackers for toddlers.
  6. Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt Pouches and Tubes – Easy to find and only 4 g of sugar, these are my favorite pre-sweetened yogurt for kids.
  7. Mama Chia Pouches – With 4 g added sugar I do recommend saving these for kids 2 and older.
  8. Dino Bars – These are a softer texture than other popular bars like Larabars, which is perfect for younger toddlers. I send these with my daughter when I need a store-bought snack for preschool and she loves them.
  9. Raisins – Easy to find and loved by most kids, raisin boxes are a great last-minute individually wrapped snack for kids.
  10. Larabar Minis – I find some flavors of Larabars don’t have the nuts chopped fine enough for young toddlers so be careful with which ones you buy and serve to the appropriate age. The peanut-based flavors tend to be chopped finer than those containing almonds in particular.
  11. RX Kids – Similar to Larabars but featuring egg whites for extra protein, these are another great individually packaged snack for kids to take to school.
  12. Fruit such as bananas or cuties – Bananas and cuties need no prep and come in natural individually wrapped packaging.
  13. Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies Small packs of Annie’s cheddar bunnies make for a fun snack.
  14. Kind Kids – These granola bars have 5 g of added sugar, which is a little more than I typically prefer, but still make a great option when you need a prewrapped snack.
  15. Kind Minis – For older kids who can have whole nuts, Kind minis are a great snack and only have 2 g added sugar. However, they do contain whole nuts so they aren’t a great option for preschool snacks.
  16. Mandarin Oranges/Fruit Cups – This is easily one of my toddler’s favorite snacks! Look for fruit cups that use 100% juice or water as opposed to those containing heavy sugar-laden syrup
  17. Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers – Simple Mills crackers are one of my favorite healthy cracker options for toddlers as long there are no nut allergies to worry about. Buy them in these individually wrapped packs if needed.
  18. Made Good Granola Minis – With only 4 g of added sugar, these granola minis are another favorite option that is also gluten and nut-free as well as vegan
  19. Scout Bar Kids – Sweetened with dates and other fruits, these bars have no added sugar and come in a variety of flavors.
  20. Veggie Straws – While veggie straws don’t have a ton of nutritional benefits, preschoolers and older kids do enjoy them and I appreciate that they aren’t loaded with sugar.
  21. Pirates Booty – Another fun snack perfect for a fun individually wrapped snack at school or passing out to trick or treaters.

Prepackaged School Birthday Treats

These snacks are more fun and might be a good prepackaged snack to bring for a birthday treat or party. I tried to still be conscious of sugar and ingredients in choosing these snacks since I know school birthday parties happen fairly often.

  1. Blake’s Seed Based Rice Krispy Treats – You can even get these in birthday cake flavor with sprinkles making them look extra festive for a school birthday party. Additionally, they are allergy-friendly: Peanut-free, nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, sesame-free.
  2. Simple Mills Nutty Banana Bread Bars – At 6 g of added sugar, these bars are a little sweeter than I would want to offer my toddler or child daily, but would be perfect to send to school for a birthday party if you need a prepackaged treat.
  3. Nature’s Bakery Baked Ins – 7 g added sugar, but the first ingredient is whole grains.
  4. Good Pops Popsicles – These 100% fruit juice popsicles are perfect for taking into school for a birthday party. You can buy them online and then shake and freeze them at home!

Finding Nut-Free Snacks for School

Some of these snacks are nut-free, just check the labels to ensure they are free of any allergens you must avoid for your child or your school. The label will include any allergens contained in the product. Sometimes the allergens are from the processing of the product, such as when a product is made in a facility that also processes nuts. Other times the allergen is within the product. Either way, the nutrition label should specify.

Other Favorite Toddler Snacks Ideas

Do you have any favorite toddler snacks for your toddler that are individually wrapped and prepackaged? I would love to hear in the comment below your favorite healthy snack ideas! If you are looking for more toddler snack inspiration be sure to check out these articles:

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Also don’t forget to check out my COMPLETE GUIDE to Healthy Toddler Snacks.

21+ Individually Wrapped Snacks for School (3)

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21+ Healthy Individually Wrapped Snacks for Kids

These 21+ healthy individually wrapped snacks for kids include a variety of snack ideas for preschool or school and even individually packaged birthday treat ideas.

  • 21+ Individually Wrapped Snacks for School (4)

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21+ Individually Wrapped Snacks for School (2024)
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