Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (2024)

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The Journal Star unveils the best of the best from this past boys basketball season.


Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Derek Rollins, Millard North, 6-6, Jr., PPG: 17.8, RPG: 10.0

Marcus Glock, Wahoo, 6-4, Sr., PPG: 23.4, RPG: 5.9

Aidan McDowell, Crete, 6-5, Sr., PPG: 19.2, RPG: 3.9

Landon Pokorski, Gretna, 6-1, Sr., PPG: 15.8, RPG: 3.7

Jaden Jackson, Bellevue West, 6-0, Sr., PPG: 17.2, RPG: 4.5


Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Bryson Bahl, Papillion-La Vista South, 6-5, jr., PPG: 21.1,RPG: 10.4

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Kevin Stubblefield, Omaha Westside, 6-4, sr., PPG: 17.3, RPG: 4.7

Daleron Thomas, Omaha Central, 6-0, sr., PPG: 17.4, RPG: 4.2

Amare Bynum, Omaha Bryan, 6-7, jr., PPG: 21.1, RPG: 9.0

Brock Scholl, Omaha Skutt, 6-8, sr., PPG: 20.0, RPG: 8.0


Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Elijah Gaeth, Millard North, 6-3, sr., PPG: 13.2, RPG: 5.3

Ben Johnson, Kearney, 6-5, jr., PPG: 18.4,RPG: 9.7

Treyson Anderson, Lincoln Pius X, 6-10, sr., PPG: 18.8, RPG: 12.4

Mynor Strong, Omaha North, 6-3, sr., PPG: 18.0, RPG: 4.4

Tayje Hadwiger, Amherst, 6-4, sr., PPG: 21.4, RPG: 8.3

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (1)



Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Jaden Jackson, Bellevue West, 6-0, sr., 17.2, 4.5

Derek Rollins, Millard North,6-6, jr., 17.8, 10.0

Landon Pokorski, Gretna,6-1, sr., 15.8, 3.7

Bryson Bahl, Papillion-La Vista South, jr., 6-5, 21.1, 10.4

Kevin Stubblefield, Omaha Westside, 6-4, sr., 17.3, 4.7

Honorary captain: Jaden Jackson


Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Daleron Thomas, Omaha Central, 6-0, sr., 17.4, 4.2

Amare Bynum, Omaha Bryan, 6-7, jr., 21.1, 9.0

Elijah Gaeth, Millard North, 6-3, sr., 13.2, 5.3

Ben Johnson, Kearney, 6-5, jr., 18.4, 9.7

Treyson Anderson, Lincoln Pius X, 6-10, sr., 18.8, 12.4



Bellevue East:Kris Brown, Isaac Gore.Bellevue West:Robby Garcia, Jacob Arop, Eldon Turner, Steven Poulicek, Isaiah McMorris, Jadyn Cascio Jensen.Creighton Prep:Dillon Clausen.Elkhorn South:Aidan Skradis.Fremont:Coriahnn Gallatin, Maurice Bryant, Colin Ridder.Gretna:Alex Wilcoxson, Kade Cook, Alec Wilkins.Kearney:Jacob Webber, Asher Endorf, Karter Lee.Grand Island:Mukadi Mukoma.Lincoln East:Carter Mick, Connor Johnson, Quin Weatherholt.Lincoln High:Carson Salsman.Lincoln Northeast:Brecken Wilke, Mo Abdalla.Lincoln North Star:Lazerek Houston, Jordan Castor.Lincoln Pius X:Kellan Humm, Adam Searcey, Michael Haith, Aiden Brass.Lincoln Southeast:Taye Moore, Jake Hilkemann, Deng Giet, Mikey Ngoyi.Lincoln Southwest:Braden Frager, Mari Shumaker, BJ Bradford, Karter Chamberlain, Jaxyn Cruse, Uzziah Sanders.Millard North:Neal Mosser, Grant Urbanek, Camden Monie, Amari Rahaman.Millard South:Will Cooper, Isaac Jensen, Bernie Anderson.Millard West:Reece Carson, Cooper Fortune, Jordan Gassen.Norfolk:Easton Sullivan.North Platte:Jesse Mauch, Lance Gifford.Omaha Benson:Goanar Bamach, Dominik Rice.Omaha Bryan:Amir Martin.Omaha Central:Devin Holmon, DJ Sterling, DaShawn Prince.Omaha North:Mynor Strong, Jerri’On Williams, Deandre’ Harper.Omaha Northwest:Chiok John.Omaha South:Lou Hodoly.Omaha Westside:CJ Mitchell, Rickey Loftin, Caleb Benning.Omaha Westview:Tayvin Murphy.Papillion-LaVista:Brock Rahl, DeMarcus McCarty, Eric Ingwerson.Papillion-LaVista South:Reece Kircher, Grant Beckenhauer, Wes Frost, Jayden Herrera.

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (2)



Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Aidan McDowell, Crete, 6-5, sr., 19.2, 3.9

Brock Scholl, Omaha Skutt, 6-8, jr., 20.1, 7.7

Chris Garner Jr., Norris, 6-3, so., 15.5, 6.8

Barret Boesiger, Norris, 6-1, jr., 15.2, 1.8

Nate Kelley, Scottsbluff, 6-0, so., 16.8, 5.4

Honorary captain:Aidan McDowell


Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Austin Kaiser, Bennington, 6-0, jr., 14.9, 5.8

Colin Comstock, Elkhorn, 6-2, sr., 13.0, 4.1

Brady McGill, Omaha Roncalli, 6-3, sr., 15.2, 6.4

Ben Ehlers, Crete, 6-7, sr., 10.1, 5.1

Ryan Huston, York, 6-2, jr., 16.7, 7.1


Beatrice:Crew Meints, Trey Henning, Treyson Russell.Bennington:Gavin Olson, Hudson Neuverth, Jace Fitzgerald.Blair:Crayton Macholan, Bo Meier.Crete:Justus Gardiner, Trace Egge, Kenner Svitak.Elkhorn:Nixon Farmer, Charlie Lamski.Elkhorn North:Nike Orgilbold, Sutton Piatkowski, Kellen Murphy.Gering:Uriah Ybarra, Jackson Howard.Gretna East:Talan Hovie, Jake Hawley.Hastings:Brayden Power, Parker Ablott, Caden Block.Lexington:Isaiah Ellingson, Jante Miller-Alarcon.Lincoln Northwest:Jaymi White-Soto.Mount Michael:Harrison Long, Jack Skahan.Norris:Evan Greenfield, Alec Small, Macoy Folkerts, Josh Bornschlegl.Omaha Roncalli:Christian Swift, Hunter Giles.Omaha Skutt:Kyle Cannon, Dylan Van Dyke, Will O’Doherty.Platteview:Jaxon Adams.Plattsmouth: Gage Olsen. Ralston:Deacon Courtney.Scottsbluff:Rylee Meininger, Keon Delgado, Carter Reisig.Seward:Hank Hughes, Tresten Hass, Kameron Dyer, Finn Hochstein.Waverly:Reece Bader, Keaton Rine, Ashton Heffelfinger.York:Leyton Snodgrass, Riley Clark.

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (3)



Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Marcus Glock, Wahoo, 6-4, sr., 23.4, 5.9

Maverick Binder, Auburn, 6-0, sr., 17.0, 4.2

Quientan McCafferty, Concordia, 6-10, sr., 13.9, 9.8

Dane Jacobsen, Ashland-Greenwood, 6-3, sr., 14.5, 5.9

Grayson Bouwman, Fort Calhoun, 6-2, sr., 19.9, 4.8

Honorary captain:Marcus Glock


Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Jack Poppe, Doniphan-Trumbull, 6-2, so., 15.9, 5.1

Sawyer Smith, Ogallala, 6-2, so., 19.5, 9.0

Ayden Zikmund, Central City, 6-3, sr., 18.8, 3.5

Dylan Simons, Wahoo, 6-4, jr., 11.3, 6.4

Nixon Ligouri, Auburn, 6-3, jr., 12.5, 3.0


Adams Central:Hunter Nepple, Jayden Teichmeier, Dylan Janzen.Alliance:Espen Lanik, Tristen Timbers.Arlington:Trent Koger.Ashland-Greenwood:Drake Zimmerman, Derek Tonjes, Dawson Thies.Auburn:Brenton Wenzl, Cameron Leslie, Payton Boden.Aurora:Booker Scheierman, Canon Allen, Ethan Ramaekers.Battle Creek:Jaxon Killmurry, Blake Borchers, MJ Wragge, Jaxon Mettler.Bishop Neumann:Connor Schutt, Aaron Spicka.Boone Central:Connor Christo, Trent Patzel, Ben Reilly, Brant Benes.Boys Town:Nyree Poteet, Darien Whitaker.Broken Bow:Braxtton Johnson, Dominic Nowak, Gavin Carrizales.Central City:Jakob Ruhl, Colter Lueders.Centura:Barrett Fries.Chadron:Broc Berry, Gage Wild.Chase County:Camron Lempke, Jensen Olsen.Columbus Lakeview:Blake Rathbone, Jacob Dawson.Concordia:Jack Thrasher, Drew Kulus, Jackson Shepherd.Conestoga:Noah Simones, Owen Trofholz, Zach Smith, Andrew Lamoureux.Cozad:Noah Shoemaker, Monty Brooks-Follmer, Olliver Davis.David City:Clayton Zavodny, Brock Dubbs.Doniphan-Trumbull:Jaden Williams, Parker Volk, Kaedan Detamore.Douglas County West:Drake Travis, Ryker Wohlers, Came Wiese, Nolan Asher, Karsten Alexander.Fairbury:Blake Starr.Fillmore Central:Dan Stoner, Jarin Tweedy, Carson Asche, Kiffin Theobald.Fort Calhoun:Colby Bentley, Adam Elofson.Gibbon:Tyler Weismann.Gothenburg:Kooper Koehn, Trey Stevens.Holdrege:Garret Johnson.Kearney Catholic:Oliver Sharp, Owen Axmann, Carson Murphy.Lincoln Christian:Cade Marshbanks, Carter Stutzman.Logan View/Scribner-Snyder:Kolton Kriete, Grayson Kraus.Malcolm:Maddox Meyer, Carson Frank, Owin Little, Luke Schmidt.Minden:Jake Ryan, Brycen Schwenka, Kade Dorszynski.Mitchell:Desmonde Smith.Ogallala:Caden Rezac, Jackton Rezac.O’Neill:Drew Morrow, Turner Heiss.Ord:Blake Hinrichs, Talan Bruha.Palmyra:Drew Erhart, Gou Kamish*ta.Pierce:Dean Watts, Keaton Frazier, Champion White, Brock Collison.Raymond Central:Cole Dubas, Dawson Potter, Tavion Johnson.Scotus Central Catholic:Jackson Heng, Max Wemhoff, Caleb Cameron, Cohen Pelan.St. Paul:Sam Wells, Chris Thomas, Gage Sack.Sidney:Isak Doty, Kelan Kaiser, Landon Riddle, Alex Doty.Syracuse:Maxwell Parde, Will Janssen.Wahoo:Cody Hesser, Kyler Elliott.Wakefield:Cael Johnson, Jacob Borg.Wayne:Colson Nelson, Caiden Becker, Drue Davis.Wilber-Clatonia:Carter Skleba, Grant Kuhlmann, Aiden Zajicek.Winnebago:Timothy Lapointe.Wood River:Christian Johnson, Joshua Luehr, Reid Graves, Waylon Cronk.

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (4)



Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Tayje Hadwiger, Amherst, 6-4, sr., 21.4, 8.3

Jacob Duitsman, Lincoln Lutheran, 6-4, jr., 14.8, 6.1

Nolan Fennessy, Norfolk Catholic, 6-5, sr., 13.5, 8.2

Austin Adelung, Amherst, 5-11, sr., 14.1, 2.9

Dalton Lamprecht, Ponca, 5-11, sr., 14.6, 3.3

Honorary captain: Tayje Hadwiger


Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Ryan Hager, Lincoln Lutheran, 6-2, jr., 13.5, 2.0

Nolan Becker, Cedar Catholic, 6-2, jr., 16.7,4.5

Kolby Lussetto, Bridgeport, 6-0, sr., 15.0, 4.6

Ashton Seim, Cross County, 6-4, sr., 12.0, 4.5

Kyler Hellbusch, North Bend Central, 6-1, sr., 15.3, 4.3


Alma:Jakin Neal, Zavier Mitchell, Tucker Biskup.Amherst:Carter Riessland, Braylon Russell, Kyler Jones.Aquinas:Bryant Stauffer, Dylan Andel.Archbishop Bergan:Logan Eggen, Dawson Pruss, Alec Wendt, Gavin Baker.Bridgeport:Gage Nein, Hayes Watts, Landon Dean.Centennial:Alex Hirschfield, Devin Slawnyk, Sam Ehlers.Cedar Catholic:Alex Kuehn, Jaymison Cattau.Clarkson/Leigh:Kyle McMullin, Trey Steffensmeier.Crofton:Trevor Allen, Seth Pinkelman, Jace Foxhoven, Braxton Foxhoven.Cross County:Tanner Hollinger, Alex Noyd, James Elgin.Elkhorn Valley:Kellyn Ollendick, Korbin Werner, Dawson Hansen.EMF:Breckan Schluter, Mikey Bartu, Grady Bresson, Zach Vossler.Freeman:Hudson Vetrovsky, Kolby Mahler, Easton Buss, Hayden Jennings.Grand Island CC:Thomas Liban, Thomas Birch, Braylon Wolfe.Heartland:Thane Wetjen, Hendric Switzer.Hershey:Cooper Hill, Kellan Spearman.Hi-Line:Ryker Evans, Treyton Evans.Johnson County Central:Wes Swanson, Keegan Jones.Kimball:Brandon Paxton, Kyler Lusche, Braxton Miller.Laurel-Concord-Coleridge:Gibson Roberts, Tyler Olson, Kobly Hansen, Carter Kvols.Lincoln Lutheran:Logan Lebo.Lutheran High Northeast:Braden Feddern, Josh Rojas, Tate Collison, Andrew Schold.Madison:Jeremiah Sanchez.Morrill:Ashwin Pittman, Wyler Fisher.Norfolk Catholic:Maxwell Hammond, Carter Janssen.North Bend Central:Braxton Chvatal, Cash Hanis.Oakland-Craig:Braylon Anderson, Isaak Maxwell.Omaha Brownell Talbot:Matt Schinzel, Simon Lim.Pender:Aiden Beckman, Alex Roth, Owen Kneifl.Ponca:Tucker McGill, Trystan Bevelhymer, Zain Stark.Ravenna:Kaden Broderson.Sandy Creek:Ethan Shaw.Summerland:Preston Hoke, Sam Cheatum, Michael Koenig, Alec Schindler.Tekamah-Herman:Brody Rodgers, Griffin Breckenridge.Thayer Central:Sam Souerdyke.Tri County:Caden Bales, Drew Siems.Tri County Northeast:Hunter Heikes, Jackson Belt.Twin River:Kirk Hebda, Ryder Kleckner.Valentine:Andon Olson, Isaac Cronin.West Holt:Lincoln Konrad, Zach Hooey, Drake Nemetz.Wisner-Pilger:Jaxon Knoell, Brandon Stoffel.Yutan:AJ Arensberg, Braxton Wentworth, Carson Jurey.

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (5)



Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Camden Dalinghaus, Johnson-Brock, 6-2, jr., 15.7, 4.3

Brecken Erickson, North Platte St. Pat's, 6-4, sr., 19.0, 10.9

Trey Appelt, Ainsworth,6-4, sr., 17.4, 10.6

Carter Nelson, Ainsworth, 6-5, sr., 16.2, 8.2

Jackson Kerchal, Dundy County Stratton, 6-4, sr., 18.1, 8.4

Honorary captain: Camden Dalinghaus


Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Luke Bailey, Ansley-Litchfield, 6-2, jr., 18.3, 5.3

Brody Koehler, Johnson-Brock, 6-2, so., 12.7, 5.6

Konnor Kralik, Guardian Angels CC, 6-5, jr., 16.0, 7.0

Traegen McNally, Ainsworth, 5-9, sr., 16.4, 3.8

Mapieu Kouchinin, McCool Junction, 6-5, jr., 17.7, 6.4


Ansley-Litchfield:Ryan Bailey, Zach Loy.Arapahoe:Kade Fisher, Trenton Roskop.Axtell:Carson Lindau, Ethan Morgan, Keyton Cole.Bancroft-Rosalie:Drake Parker, KJ Blackhawk, Samuel Dick.Bertrand:Thunder Nelson, Marcus Hernandez.Bloomfield:Layne Warrior, Wiley Ziegler, Mason Mackperang.Blue Hill:Kellen Schmidt, Ethan Timm.Boyd County:Derris Hansen, Charlie Adams, Hudson Hoffman, Cash Sinclair.Burwell:Wryder Svoboda.Cambridge:Carson Trompke, Brohdey Wood, Ben Hoberty.Cedar Bluffs:Mason Christensen, Carter Eiring.Central Valley:Zaden Wolf, Tae Soto, Boston Wood.Deshler:Easton Nash, Carson Sieber.Dundy County-Stratton:Lane Bybee, Lane Brown, Brodie Rogers.East Butler:Ryan Sullivan, Logan Buresh.Elmwood-Murdock:Tyson Mans, Aidan Schmidt, Riley Wilson.EPPJ:Jarek Erickson, Blake Henn, Karson Kallhoff.Fullerton:Kane Wetovick.Guardian Angels Central Catholic:Myles Dinslage.Hemingford:Gavin Bell.Hitchco*ck County:Adam Kisker, Jaxon Unrein, Jayce Hauxwell.Howells-Dodge:Oscar Dominguez, Connor Kreikemeier, Colton Klosen.HTRS:Brogan Dunlap.Humphrey/Lindsay Holy Family:Owen Kurtenbach, Easton Baumgart.Johnson-Brock:Casen Dalinghaus, Sloan Pelican, Lleyton Behrends.Kenesaw:Blake Steer.Loomis:Cale Nelson, Tyson Essex, Ben Trompke.McCool Junction:Carson McDonald, Ryland Garretson, Tyson Mans.Nebraska Christian:Micah Perdew, Oliver Herman.Neleigh-Oakdale:Chase Furstenau.North Central:Kol Otten, Jackson Hallock.North Platte St. Pat’s:Logan Winder, Sam Troshynski.Overton:Eli Luther, Brock McCarter, Braden Fleischman.Pawnee City:Anthony Kling, Jett Farwell.Plainview:Spencer Hille, Karter Lingenfelter, Brendon Weber, Kohen Lingenfelter.Riverside:Drew Carraher, Jack Molt, Dane Schalk, Larry Diessner.Sandhills Valley:Leyton Connell, Kyle Kramer.South Loup:Trey Connell, Cache Gracey.Southern Valley:Kamden Bose, Isaac Hamilton, Rian Grove, Tylor Grove.Sutton:Aidan Jones, Cole Baumert, Harrison Herndon.Wauneta-Palisade:Ashton Wheeler.Wausa:Cashe Carlson, Matthew Schindler.Weeping Water:Riggs Wilson, Gus McGill.Winside:Kaden Hunt, Gavin Schutt.

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (6)



Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Riley Bombeck, Shelton, 6-3, sr., 19.0, 7.1

Jeremiah Ingison, Maywood-Hayes Center, 6-7, sr., 20.4, 10.8

Ashton Simmons, Shelton, 6-3, sr., 22.2, 4.3

Kale Gustafson, Osceola, 6-6, sr., 25.6, 14.3

Terance Pittman, Parkview Christian, 6-0, sr., 28.8, 4.7

Honorary captain: Riley Bombeck


Name, School,height,grade,ppg,rpg

Jace Rosentrader, S-E-M, 6-0, sr., 16.4, 4.7

Gage Hedstrom, St. Mary's, 6-0, so., 18.6, 7.1

Haydn Farr, Maywood-Hayes Center, 6-3, sr., 14.6, 6.9

Dylan Heine, Wynot, 6-0, sr., 13.0, 4.0

Josh Eakins, Paxton, 6-0, sr., 16.3, 2.7


Anselmo-Merna:Quinten Myers, Colin Cooksley.Arthur County:Kane Delatour.Banner County:Jacob Parsons, Brendyn Onstott.Cody-Kilgore:Tristan Fish, Cooper Fay, Jasper Roseberry, Jacob Knox.Crawford:Taylor Homan, Cyrus Walter.Creek Valley:Lane Brenneman.Creighton:Taylor Nilson.CWC:Michael Jesse, Elijah Heinz.Diller-Odell:Cooper Morgan, TJ Vitosh, Zachary Warren.Elm Creek:Quin Oberg, Nikk Brummels, Kade Sindt, Isaiah Quintana.Falls City Sacred Heart:Joe Simon, Jack Stice.Garden County:Logan Levick.Giltner:Preston Larson.Hampton:Eli Arndt.Hartington/Newcastle:Riley Sudbeck, Brayden Lammers.Harvard:Cody Fishler.Hay Springs:Gage Mintken, Dylan Young.Humphrey St. Francis:Carson Wessel, Ethan Wieseler.Hyannis:Rylee Anderson, Luke Durfee.Lewiston:Caleb Rule.Leyton:Jonathan Kruse, Trenton Rushman, Kaleb Borges.Lyons-Decatur Northeast:Kaden Knaak.Maywood-Hayes Center:Gage Gerlach, Jaxson Anders, Kody Schwenk.Meridian:Mario Escobar de leon.Mullen:Kyle Finney.Nebraska Lutheran:Isaac Beiermann.Osceola:Kelby Neujahr, Brayden Santos.Parkview Christian:Tairren Scott, Devon Merrill.Potter-Dix:Brayden Kasten, Landon Gasseling.Red Cloud:Wyatt Frey, Gage Ely.Sandhills/Thedford:Kyle Cox, Brady Dahlberg.S-E-M:Cohen Rohde.Shelton:Ben Myers, Luke Gillming, Gerry Romero.Silver Lake:Jordan Faimon, Tayten Menke.South Platte:Dash Richards, Quinten Koenen.Southwest:Houston Billeter, Nathan Rippe.Sterling:Colin Wambold.St. Edward:Anthony Reader, Marcos Paez.St. Mary’s:Ben Barlow, Logan Brabec.Stuart:Kayde Ramm, Hunter Tubbs, Gavynn Mustin, Ben Paxton.Wallace:Matt Lungrin.Walthill:Adrian Phillips, Ethan Parker, Keesan Kaaihue.

Meet the Journal Star's boys basketball first-team Super-Staters

π™ˆπ™€π™€π™ 𝙏𝙃𝙀 π™π™„π™π™Žπ™-π™π™€π˜Όπ™ˆ π™Žπ™π™‹π™€π™-π™Žπ™π˜Όπ™π™€π™π™Ž

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (7)

We didn't overthink the venue for this season's all-state basketball photo shoot. Our thought: let's go to the place where each of our first-team Super-Staters shined the brightest. So, off we went to Pinnacle Bank Arena, the site of the state basketball tournament. At this point, these players don't need any introduction, but here is a closer look at our five.

π™…π˜Όπ˜Ώπ™€π™‰ π™…π˜Όπ˜Ύπ™†π™Žπ™Šπ™‰, π˜½π™€π™‡π™‡π™€π™‘π™π™€ π™’π™€π™Žπ™

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (8)

(Super-State captain)

6-0;Sr.;PPG: 17.2;RPG: 4.5

College:South Dakota State

Summary:The returning Super-Stater stepped into the white-hot spotlight of being the best player at Bellevue West and thrived. He led the Thunderbirds in scoring and steals, and was second in assists while assuming more ball-handling duties after the graduation of last year's Super-State captain Josiah Dotzler. The second straight Super-State captain from Bellevue West, Jackson will take his talents to South Dakota State after being a part of four consecutive state championship games.

Coach speak:"When the game came to crunch time, he kind of took things over. Which is what we were talking about with him coming into the season. He took a major step, and decided you know what? When we need a basket I'm going to go get the ball and get a basket; or if we need a stop I'm going to guard the best player. He took that role over and really ran with it."β€” Bellevue West coach Steve Klein.

Player quote:"Coaches and teammates just told me to go out there and shoot the ball (in the second half of the title game). We just had to play how we normally play, and we were going to be all right."

π˜Ώπ™€π™π™€π™† π™π™Šπ™‡π™‡π™„π™‰π™Ž, π™ˆπ™„π™‡π™‡π˜Όπ™π˜Ώ π™‰π™Šπ™π™π™ƒ

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (9)

6-6;Jr.;PPG: 17.8;RPG: 10.0


Summary:Rollins, the versatile Millard North forward, took another step forward this season in his steady progression into one of the state's top talents. His points and rebounds per game led the Mustangs, and he shot 56% from the field and 37% from 3-point range. The only non-senior on the Super-State first team, Rollins will work to expand his game even more in the offseason as the Mustangs graduate a talented senior class. Don't be surprised to see the 6-foot-6 forward handling the ball more next season.

Coach speak:"What we were really wondering was, how is he going to back (his sophom*ore season) up? How could he get to 18, 19 points per game, and 10 rebounds, and he did it. And he did it from playing on the perimeter, but still finding his way into the paint when he needed to. He's the type of kid who can take advantage of mismatches. You put a bigger body on him and he's skilled enough to shoot it from the outside; you put a smaller body on him and he can post up and work himself around the rim."β€” Millard North coach Michael Etzelmiller.

Player quote: "All I can think about is, we had a great season. Even though we came up short, I'm proud of myself and my team because we worked hard.Since I'm (going to be) a senior, I'm going to have to be more of a leader and guide the young people on my team. I've just got to improve, make myself better, and make my team better."

π™ˆπ˜Όπ™π˜Ύπ™π™Ž π™‚π™‡π™Šπ˜Ύπ™†, π™’π˜Όπ™ƒπ™Šπ™Š

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (10)

6-4;Sr.PPG: 23.4;RPG: 5.9

College:Northwest Missouri State

Summary:The joy on Glock's face as the buzzer sounded in Wahoo's Class C-1 title game win over Auburn said it all. The Warriors were back on top. And it was Glock who played a huge role in getting Wahoo there. The state's fifth-leading scorer had the ball in his hands on nearly every possession and shot 48% from the floor and 43% from 3-point range while usually facing multiple defenders. And just for good measure, he was perhaps the state's best closer, shooting 89% from the free-throw line on more than 200 attempts. His biggest games came against Wahoo's toughest opponents: A school-record 54 points against Class B semifinalist Crete, and 35 against Class B finalist Norris, not to mention 23 points in the state championship.

Coach speak:"It's hard to sum up what he's meant to us, because he's meant so much. He's had a great career, but his senior year he just elevate a whole other level. He was really good, and just became such a complete player, a complete leader. I can't say enough about his leadership. He was a great leader for us, very inclusive of the other kids. I couldn't ask for any more from him." β€” Wahoo coach Kevin Scheef.

Player quote:"(Winning state) just felt like a weight was lifted off our shoulders. At Wahoo there's always expectations. I was just so happy for my teammates. … (And) the memories we made off the court. Those are guys, in the future, that I can go to for anything. There's a lot of good people in Wahoo. It's crazy how fast it went by."

π˜Όπ™„π˜Ώπ˜Όπ™‰ π™ˆπ˜Ύπ˜Ώπ™Šπ™’π™€π™‡π™‡, π˜Ύπ™π™€π™π™€

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (11)

6-5;Sr.;PPG: 19.2;RPG: 3.9

College:Fort Hays State

Summary:McDowell's spectacular season helped lift Crete to new heights as the Cardinals set school records for wins in a season and season winning percentage. A bitter endβ€” Omaha Skutt rallied from a seven-point fourth-quarter deficit to deny Crete a trip to the state finalβ€” does little to detract from the year McDowell and the Cardinals had. He leaves as the school's all-time leading scorer, and also set records for 3-pointers and free throws made. And his electrifying first half against Skutt, when he scored 21 points to stake the Cardinals to an early lead, was one of the highlights of this year's state tournament.

Coach speak:"He's as hard of a worker as I've ever coached. There maybe be some who have worked as hard, but not many, if any, who have worked harder. He's in the gym almost every single day. It means a lot to him; it means a lot for him to be good, it meant a lot to him for us to be good. He's been a big part of what we've done in four years, going from six wins to where we ended up this year."β€” Crete coach Tony Siske.

Player quote:"It was a heck of a year for Crete basketball. Coming into state undefeated but falling just short, that obviously hurts. But it can't take away from the year we had. As a collective group, as a coaching staff, we all worked our tails off to put ourselves in a position to succeed."

π™‡π˜Όπ™‰π˜Ώπ™Šπ™‰ π™‹π™Šπ™†π™Šπ™π™Žπ™†π™„, π™‚π™π™€π™π™‰π˜Ό

Boys basketball: The 2023-24 Super-State, all-state and honorable mention honorees (12)

6-1;Sr.;PPG: 15.8;RPG: 3.7

College:Southwest Minnesota State

Summary:The statisticsβ€” remarkably consistent over a sparkling four-year careerβ€” tell only part of the story for Pokorski, who makes his second Super-State first team. The four-year starter will go down as one of the great leaders in his school's history. Most importantly, for being the face of the program as Gretna dealt with crushing loss after the death of long-time coach Brad Feeken in December. Pokorski hit the game-winning shot that Dec. 30, beating Papillion-La Vista South at the buzzer just hours after receiving the news about his coach. He spoke at Feeken's funeralβ€” a heavy burden for anyone, much less a teenager in his senior year of high school. And he powered Gretna to the state tournament for the third time in four seasons.

Coach speak:"He's the been the face of our program to an extent for the last three or four years. He took our school through transitioning into a Class A program β€” taking us through what I think is one of the more difficult challenges I've had in coaching. Class A basketball is no joke. He's very special. I think that's showed a lot this year. Obviously super difficult circ*mstances, just his ability to stay the course, be steady."β€” Gretna coach Bill Heard.

Player quote:"It was a very special year just because of the year that we had. It was obviously a super-hard year, but also a year of growth, and some good that came out of it. Just through how close we all got through the community, the team, all the relationships, it was definitely the coolest part of the year despite how hard it was … I'm so grateful I got to wear the Gretna jersey."

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