Fun Super Bowl Party Games To Spice Up Your Party (2024)

Super Bowl party games can make the big day even better — especially for those of your guests who are not huge football fans.

You’ve sent out invitations. You’ve prepared the food and drinks. The big screen is ready to go. So what can you do to make your Super Bowl party the best ever? Play Super Bowl party games!

Let’s face it, not all Super Bowls are great to watch. And some of your guests really don’t care about the game itself. So, add a party game or two throughout the evening to keep people’s interest and add a new element of fun!

Fun Super Bowl party games will make your event unforgettable

1. Prop Bet Bonanza

A prop bet (short for “proposition bet”) is a bet on random things and events related to the game, usually not directly related to the final outcome. Here are some ideas and examples of prop bets you can use:

  • What will the half time performer be wearing?
  • How many times will the words “National Football League” be said during the game?
  • Who will be the MVP?
  • What celebrity(s) will be shown watching the game?
  • Who will score the most points?
  • Which team will have the most interceptions?
  • Will a team have over/under 300 total yards?
  • Coin flip: Heads or tails?
  • Will either team score three straight times?
  • Will a kickoff or punt result in a return touchdown?
  • Who will throw the first touchdown pass?
  • Who will be the first touchdown scorer?
  • Will there be a successful 2 point conversion in the game?
  • How many QB sacks will there be (each team or both combined)?
  • What team will score first?
  • What color Gatorade will be poured over the winning coach?
  • How many times will Roger Goodell be seen on camera?

Rules of the Game:

Write out a list of prop bet questions on a sheet of paper with room for your guests to write in their answer. Choose questions from the list above and add some of your own.

Tip: Be creative! Use questions specific to star players and coaches from each participating team. Hand out the question sheets and pens before the game begins. Have party guests write down their answers. Collect the answer sheets before the coin flip. Tally results at the end of each quarter or at the game’s end. Announce the winners and hand out prizes or gag gifts. Check out this list of prize ideas.

When is the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LIX (the 59th big game) is scheduled for Sunday, February 9, 2025 (game start time is usually 5:30 p.m. central)

Where will Super Bowl LIX be played?

The 2025 Super Bowl will be held in New Orleans, LA at Caesers Superdome.

What channel will broadcast the Super Bowl?

The TV broadcast of the game will be on FOX Sports.

Fun Super Bowl Party Games To Spice Up Your Party (1)

2. Super Bowl Trivia Bowl

Get your Super Bowl party going with this trivia game. Come up with a number of questions related to past Super Bowls. You can get some ideas from the list below, or find plenty of trivia questions online. Write the questions on slips of paper or small cards. Fold the papers so the questions can not be read. Throw all the cards in a bowl and mix them up.

Players take turns selecting one question from the bowl. Keep score of all the correct answers. The player with the most correct answers wins. You can even hand out prizes for runner up. This game is perfect for the lead-up to the game, half time, or post-game.

Here is a starter list of Super Bowl trivia questions:

Q: True or False: Network footage of the first Super Bowl does not exist.
A: True, supposedly it was taped over for a soap opera.

Q: Who was the first wide receiver to be awarded MVP?
A: Lynn Swan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Q: Who won the first two Super Bowls?
A: Green Bay Packers.

Q: Who was the only player to be awarded MVP from the losing team?
A: Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys in 1971.

Q: What player holds the record for most career fumbles in a Super Bowl?
A: Roger Staubach fumbled five times in four Super Bowl appearances.

Q: Which Jets quarterback, when asked if he preferred grass or Astroturf, replied: “I don’t know… I never smoked Astroturf”?
A: Joe Namath.

Super Bowl Quiz

Q: Who was the MVP of the first Super Bowl?
A: Bart Starr.

Q: Playing for the 49ers and the Cowboys, which player has won the most Super Bowls?
A: Charles Hayley, with 5 Super Bowl championships.

Q: What was the first team to win five Super Bowls?
A: The San Francisco 49ers became the first team to win five Super Bowls.

Q: Which team made the fewest pass attempts in a single Super Bowl?
A: The Miami Dolphins attempted only 7 passes during Super Bowl VIII.

Q: Which team played in the most consecutive Super Bowls?
A: Buffalo: ‘91, ‘92, ‘93, and ’94. They did not win any of them.

Q: Who was the first player to be awarded MVP three times?
A: Joe Montana (in 1982, 1985 & 1990).

Q: Which two teams played in the very first Super Bowl in 1967?
A: Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs.

Q: Which team played 4 Super Bowls, but has never led a Super Bowl for even a single second?
A: Minnesota Vikings.

Q: What was the lowest amount of points scored in a Super Bowl?
A: 3 (Miami Dolphins, 1972 Super Bowl against Dallas).

Q: Out of the 32 NFL teams, how many teams have made it to the Super Bowl?
A: 23 total. 13 from AFC and 10 from NFC.

Q: Three people appeared in a Super Bowl as a player, an assistant coach, and then a head coach. Who are they?
A: Dan Reeves, Mike Ditka, and Tony Dungy.

What time is the Super Bowl?

Kickoff for Super Bowl LIX (the 59th big game) is usually around 5:30 p.m. (central) on February 9, 2025, from New Orleans, LA.

Where can I buy tickets for the Super Bowl?

Check out NFL On Location for tickets and ticketing information.

Where will the next Super Bowl games be played?

  • 2025: Super Bowl LIX (59), Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, LA
  • 2026: Super Bowl LX (60), Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA
  • 2027: Super Bowl LXI (61), SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA

Super Bowl Firsts: A Timeline

Called the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.”
Super Bowl I
January 15, 1967
Final Score:
Kansas City Chiefs 10
Green Bay Packers 35

The first time an AFL team beat a NFL team.
Super Bowl III
January 12, 1969
Final Score:
New York Jets 16
Baltimore Colts 7

L.C. Greenwood had four sacks in the game.
Super Bowl X
January 18, 1976
Final Score:
Dallas Cowboys 17
Pittsburgh Steelers 21

The Chargers and 49ers scored 75 total points, the most-ever for a Super Bowl game.
Super Bowl XXIX
January 29, 1995
Final Score:
San Diego Chargers 26
San Francisco 49ers 49

An estimated 114.4 million people tuned-in to watch the big game. The TV rating for the game was 47.5.
Super Bowl XLIX
February 1, 2015
Final Score:
New England Patriots 28
Seattle 24

Down 25 points at one point, the Patriots came back to win in overtime.
Super Bowl LI
February 5, 2017
Final Score:
New England Patriots 34
Atlanta Falcons 28

16 points scored is the lowest point total in Super Bowl history.
Super Bowl LIII
February 3, 2019
Final Score:
New England Patriots 13
Los Angeles Rams 3

Awesome Super Bowl party games

3. Numbers Up Game

Bet on the score of the game and win money or prizes! This game is a variation on the well-known Betting Squares game and requires fewer players. Grab a deck of cards and separate out one suit. You’ll need the following cards from the suit: Ace (representing 1), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and King (representing 0). (You won’t need the 10, Jack or Queen.) Turn the cards over so the fronts cannot be seen. Have each player select a card for $1, $5 or $10 each.

At the end of each quarter or at the game’s end, the game score determines the winner of the pot. To determine a winner, just add the two team’s scores together to get the winning number. The last digit represents the winner. For example, if the score is 21-7, the winning card would be the 8. If the score is 10-0, the winning card is the King. (The King card represents zero.) If more cards are needed, you can add another suit to the mix, however, the pot will split for multiple players holding the winning number.

Fun Super Bowl Party Games To Spice Up Your Party (2)

4. Super Chef Cook-Off

The Super Bowl is all about eating and having fun with friends. Have each participating guest bring their own prepared food item and see who will earn the title of Super Chef! You’ll need to set some parameters for the competition first.

Decide what food items will qualify, like ribs, dips, pizza or desserts. You can make the competition about one category or make it open to any food category. Guests can either prepare food in advance or at the party if space and time allow. Have your guests rate each dish on a scale of 1 to 5, then tally the results to determine the Super Chef.

Super Bowl food ideas:

  • Anything Bacon
  • Chicken wings
  • Pizza
  • Guacamole Dip
  • Brownies
  • Chili
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip
  • Cookies
  • Ribs
  • Nachos
  • Cupcakes
  • Sliders
  • Sub Sandwiches
  • 7 Layer Dip
  • Specialty Drinks
  • Lasagna
  • Queso Dip
  • Potato Skins
  • Pulled Pork
  • Hot Dogs

Fun Super Bowl party games for everyone

5. Pass the Cup Game

Pick a type of football play, like a screen pass or long-bomb pass play. Pass a cup after every play. Each player adds a dollar to the cup. When the chosen play occurs, the player holding the cup wins all the money. That player chooses a new play and passes the cup to start a new round. You can change the sequence from every play to every first down or every scoring play or change of possession. This may be easier to track and less expensive to participate in.

Super Bowl Party Games
Prize Ideas:

  • Team jerseys or sweatshirt
  • Team hat
  • Super Bowl mugs
  • Football
  • Snack gift basket
  • Bobbleheads
  • NFL gear
  • Madden NFL game

6. The Magic Word Drinking Game

If you really want your Super Bowl party to come off the rails, try the Magic Word Drinking Game. Technically, there is no winner or loser but just a fun twist to watching the game. Choose a word (or person’s name) before the game starts. Each time the word is spoken during the broadcast, players must drink.

You can control how much drinking takes place by how obscure the word or name is. For example, the starting QB’s name will be mentioned frequently and the backup QB hardly at all. Or you may choose to tie drinking to actions on the field. For example, players must drink after each touchdown, or drink twice for each interception or fumble. Create teams to compete against each other by putting the drinking words into a hat or bowl. Have players take turns picking a word out of the hat. If the word is mentioned during the broadcast, that team must drink. Remember to be safe and don’t drink and drive.

Some drinking game ideas to get you started:

  • Incomplete pass – 1 drink
  • A celebrity appears on the screen – 1 drink
  • Announcers talk about the weather – 1 drink
  • If someone at the party changes the channel at any point – 1 drink
  • Every time they show a fan with his face painted – 2 drinks
  • TV cameras capture Roger Goodell watching from his suite – 2 drinks
  • Every time an unfunny commercial plays and no one laughs – 2 drinks
  • The announcer mentions a team not playing in the Super Bowl – 3 drinks
  • Any time they show a team mascot – 3 drinks
  • If the halftime act shows a boob – 4 drinks
Fun Super Bowl Party Games To Spice Up Your Party (3)

7. First “TD” in the “SB” Game

Print out each team’s roster and cut apart each name so you can mix them up in a hat or bowl. (You may want to fold them over so the names can’t be seen.) Have participants choose a name from the hat for $1 each. When a touchdown is scored, the guest with the matching name wins the pot. If all the names are not sold, the pot carries over to the next touchdown scorer.

Tip:You may choose to limit the number of roster names depending on the number of guests you have. Include only players most likely to handle the ball or remove some lesser-used players from the roster.

8. Pick the Final Score

In this game, every party guest guesses the final score and winner of the Super Bowl game. The person closest to the actual score wins. You can provide a prize for the winner, or have each participant contribute money to the pot—winner takes all. To determine who wins, start with only those who correctly picked the winning team.

Then determine the point differential for each score guessed. The lowest number wins. For example, if player A guessed a score of 28-14 with the actual score 21-14, the differential is 7. If player B guessed a score of 23-21, the differential is 9 and player A wins with a lower number.

These Super Bowl party games are sure to spice up your football party. You’ll make the evening even more fun and keep guests interested even if the game is a bust. May the best team win!

By Greg Johnson and Mike O’Halloran | Published 11/2/2017

Greg and Mike are writers and co-founders of Listcaboodle.

Super Bowl party games: overtime

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Fun Super Bowl Party Games To Spice Up Your Party (2024)


How do you make a Super Bowl party fun? ›

Activities like Super Bowl commercial bingo are a great way to make sure everyone can get in on the fun...even if they don't love sports. Again, don't be afraid to get virtual guests in the game too!

How do you throw an epic Super Bowl party? ›

How to Throw a Super Bowl Party
  1. 1 Decorate your table to look like a football field.
  2. 2 Use banners and balloons to deck out the space in team colors.
  3. 3 Create a Super Bowl bar with team themed drinks.
  4. 4 Use faux grass as coasters.
  5. 5 Lay out football themed appetizers.
  6. 6 Theme snacks around teams' locations.

What makes the best Super Bowl party? ›

Whether you're hosting or attending a gathering this year, here are a few things to consider:
  • Make it a potluck. ...
  • Lean into make-ahead options. ...
  • Be sure to have enough plates, bowls and utensils for everyone attending. ...
  • Encourage guests to bring to-go containers (or give away your takeout tubs).
Feb 6, 2024

What are the top 5 Super Bowl party foods? ›

Top Five Super Bowl Foods
  • #1 Chicken Wings: The Unrivaled Super Bowl Food MVP. When it comes to Super Bowl snacking, chicken wings have long been crowned the most popular super bowl food. ...
  • #2 Everything Bagel. ...
  • #3 Cola Chicken. ...
  • #4 Buffalo Cauliflower. ...
  • #5 Air Fryer Taquitos.
Jan 6, 2024

How do you really have fun at a party? ›

It starts by getting yourself mentally and physically ready for a party. Once you get yourself to the party, have fun by interacting with other people and participating (or even initiating) fun party activities. Most importantly, be yourself, relax, and have fun!

What is the number one food eaten at Super Bowl parties? ›

"But what are people ordering for their Super Bowl watch parties?" is a question you may ask yourself because you're looking to create a game day menu. The three most popular Super Bowl dishes people order are pizza, chicken wings, and chips with dips.

What time should a Super Bowl party start? ›

Starting the festivities too early is not only a good way to run out of food before halftime, it's also just begging your guests to drink too much too fast. suggests kicking off the celebration about 90 minutes before kick-off.

How do you throw a Taylor Swift Super Bowl party? ›

Use red, gold and white decorations

If you're looking to throw your own Taylor Swift-themed Super Bowl party, then chances are you'll be rooting on Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs. So make sure you incorporate red and yellow décor throughout the party, including table covers, streamers and balloons.

How do you throw a Super Bowl party on a budget? ›

Keys to hosting a Super Bowl Party on a budget:
  1. Don't get too extravagant with the food options.
  2. Decorations are fun, but don't go over the top.
  3. Plan ahead, make a budget and stick to it.
  4. Potluck style is a good option for everyone to contribute a little.
Feb 6, 2024

What two foods are commonly served at Super Bowl parties? ›

These are our top ten favorite Super Bowl foods of all time — and where to get them.
  1. Buffalo Chicken Dip.
  2. Boneless Wings. ...
  3. Pigs in a Blanket. ...
  4. Bone-In Wings. ...
  5. Nachos. ...
  6. Totino's Pizza Rolls. ...
  7. Six-Foot Subs. ...
  8. Quesadillas. ...
Feb 7, 2024

How do you host a small Super Bowl party? ›

If your guests are arriving early, you can play some games beforehand, getting everyone into the spirit of the day. You can also play games that last all evening long, like Super Bowl Bingo, or games involving rating every commercial you see. There are plenty of great ideas for Super Bowl games out there.

What are the top 2 Super Bowl snacks? ›

To help plan your game day menu, we've rounded up some of our favorite Super Bowl appetizers that are sure to be a hit. These are the classic foods like Buffalo wings and nachos — plus more than a few innovative ideas, such as fried potato salad bites and a pimento cheese bar — that'll make your spread a success.

What is the number one Super Bowl snack? ›

Tortilla chips cinched the coveted No. 1 spot, while the top five were rounded out with cola, cheese blend, salsa and pretzels, respectively. The top 20 categories were established by finding foods that were in the highest share of carts during the week ending Feb. 12, 2023, compared to the rest of the year.

What to wear to a Super Bowl party when your team isn t in it? ›

Non-NFL fans — aka those just coming for the company, snacks, and halftime show — have it the easy; with no strings attached (save for a friendly wager or two), you can wear pretty much anything and everything as your Super Bowl party outfit — loungewear, denim, funky prints, or a dress. It's all fair game.

How do I keep my kids busy during the Super Bowl? ›

Super Bowl Ideas for Kids
  1. Super Bowl Bingo. A Bingo Card and some fun, simple prizes are a great way to keep older kids interested in the game – even if football isn't usually their thing. ...
  2. The Puppy Bowl. ...
  3. Face Painting. ...
  4. Paper Football Origami. ...
  5. A Football Themed Craft Station. ...
  6. Mascot Dress Up. ...
  7. Snack Duty.

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