Funeral Insurance, Cover & Funeral Policy Plans (2024)

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What does Funeral Cover offer you? Among other benefits, Funeral Cover ensures that a lump sum is paid out upon the death of an insured person.

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What Is Funeral Cover?

Funeral cover or funeral insurance is a type of insurance which pays out a lump sum when you, the beneficiary, pass away. You can also purchase a family funeral plan, sometimes referred to as extended cover, which pays out a lump sum in the event of the death of your partner/spouse, your child/children, and/or any other family member that you have chosen to cover with the policy. The money paid out is intended to help with the cost of the funeral.

Why You Should Have Funeral Cover

There are few things in life as tragic and heartbreaking as an unexpected death in the family. This trauma is only compounded if, while trying to come to terms with their loss, the family has to deal with the cost of arranging a funeral to honour the memory of their loved one as well.

Did you know that South Africa has, on average, some of the highest funeral costs in the world? A funeral can be financially ruinous if you aren’t expecting it, or if your late loved one hasn’t made provision for it. Depending on your family tradition or custom, the costs could pile up into tens of thousands of rands, if you include the undertaker’s fee, buying the burial plot and more. This is a steep cost to bear out of pocket!

The Benefits of Funeral Cover

A funeral policy helps you cover these costs by giving you a lump sum payout when the named beneficiary of the policy dies. These payouts are typically faster than other types of insurance, like life insurance, which means funding the funeral is the one thing you don’t have to worry about at this time. Depending on the funeral cover policy, payouts can include airtime, flowers, catering and tent hire, among other necessities.

Life insurance is based on an individual’s profile and needs, which comes with complex underwriting requirements, making it comparatively more expensive. Funeral cover doesn’t have this problem. Thus funeral cover is cheaper and easier for you to get compared to life insurance. However, most funeral cover policies will have a waiting period for natural deaths of 6 to 12 months, so if you’d like a funeral cover with no waiting period, you need to specify this need.

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There are few things in life as tragic and heart-breaking as an unexpecteddeath in the family. This is only increased if your loved ones are trying tocome to terms with their loss and having to cope with the cost of the funeralarrangements that honours the memory of their lost one. Don’t let yourpassing be stained with cumbersome funeral costs. Let help youfind Funeral Cover quotes so that you can ensure their best interests areprotected during this difficult time.

Funeral Cover FAQ's

We've put together a comprehensive list of FAQ's to help you find out more about Funeral Cover so that you can make more of an informed decision on finding the right cover to suit you and your family’s specific needs.

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Funeral Cover Glossary

Read more about Funeral Insurance and some of the day-to-day terms used within the Funeral Insurance industry to help you on your way to finding the right Funeral Cover.

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A quick guide to Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance, Cover & Funeral Policy Plans (12)

Funeral Cover for Parents

Funeral cover for parents allows those taking care of their parents financially to add them to their existing or new funeral cover policy. When one or both of your parents pass away, a lump sum will be paid out.

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Funeral Cover for Over 80's

Funeral cover for people over the age of 80 allows you to prepare financially for the costs involved in arranging a funeral if you have not done so yet, without a medical test.

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Funeral Cover for Extended Family

This type of funeral cover plan covers the costs of an extended family member’s funeral in order to relieve your family of the financial burden. A lump sum will be paid out upon official proof of death.

A research paper titled “Paying the Piper: The High Cost of Funerals in South Africa” foundthat households spent on average the equivalent of a year's income on an adult's funeral,measured at median per capita African (Black) income during January 2003 to December 2005.

Considering the high cost of living over the last 10 years, are you adequately covered?

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Funeral Insurance, Cover & Funeral Policy Plans (2024)
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