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Games Similar To Dark Surge for Android

Dusk of Dragons: Survivors AdventureSimulationJoin our Discord to receive the latest updates and share tips with other players!Discord: 网页链接Dusk of Dragons: Survivors is a Survival Sandbox Game that transports players...7.7468WantThe legend of Pamons RPGPamons, a vast world once governed by deities and ancient dragons, has seen the birth of countless brilliant civilizations.Thousands of years ago, the evil dragon Nero, a foreign invader, suddenly a.....7.9147WantGTA: San Andreas – NETFLIX ActionRPGOpen WorldNETFLIX MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.Experience the blockbuster classic, updated for a new generation with across-the-board enhancements including brilliant new lighting and environmental upgrades, with high.....7.728KWantDragon Conqueror RPGDive in to the world of Laphael, an RPG game featured by simulation strategy!In the Land of Laphael, the once-friendly dragonkin have fallen victim to a malevolent curse, turning their backs on human....6.5291WantRangers of Oblivion USActionBecome a legendary monster hunting Ranger in the upcoming MMORPG Rangers of Oblivion!We Rangers walk on the fringes of humanity;Defending this illusion we call paradise.Monsters roam the land, fo...6.13KWantBladerite Battle RoyaleActionRPG*Minimum Game SPECS for Mobile Device: RAM over 6GBBladerite offers action game enthusiasts a unique opportunity to polishing gaming skills like never before. Not only can you earn rewards based on .....7.6844WantBlack Desert Mobile KRActionRPGMMORPG▶Black Desert Mobile◀The critically-acclaimed game with users in over 150 countries all over the world!Experience the amazing adventure in Black Desert on Mobile.■ Fast-Paced ActionPlay uniq...9.24KWantCoromon GlobalPixel GraphicsRetroDifficultStrategyTurn-basedCreature CollectorJRPGRPGPLEASE NOTE: Coromon is a “try before you buy” title. A portion of the early game is free to enjoy, but a single purchase of $4.99 is required to unlock the full narrative.CLASSIC MONSTER COLLECTING.....9.224KWantBrownDust2 - Adventure RPG RPGAdventureAnimeEditors' ChoiceStory Rich■ Massive 1st Anniversary Event Underwary! ■Participate in the event and get Summer Vacation Dalvi x6, Draw Ticket x200, Dia x3,400 and more!Hefty rewards for new and returning users!Don't miss out...8.919KWantMechachain: War Robot Shooter ActionWelcome to Mechachain - the fast-paced multiplayer robot war shooter that puts you in intensive battles in the mech arena! Play online with friends in epic 6v6 shootouts where the goal is simple: to w...7.2839WantWizard of Legend Mobile ActionRoguelikeAdventurePixelEditors' ChoiceHumble Games just announced a mobile port of the indie roguelike Wizard of Legend. Wizard of Legend developed by Contingent99 debuted on PC and consoles back in 2018. It has you playing as a wizard tr...9.121KWantKaiju No. 8 THE GAME ActionThe colossal thrills of Naoya Matsumoto's Kaiju No. 8 are heading to mobile and PC in a newly announced game currently titled Kaiju No. 8 THE GAME. The official accounts shared a reveal trailer for th...8.71KWantNebula Rangers ActionNebula Rangers is a competitive shooting mobile game that blends overhead views and Roguelike elements in a futuristic space setting. As a commander, choose your cool weapons and engage in thrilling b...6.3974WantMoonlight Blade M SEAActionMMORPGBased on the literature masterpiece of the renowned Eastern novelist, Gu Long—the classic martial arts epic ""Moonlight Blade"" that span half a century is now adapted to MMORPG mobile game ""Moonligh...7.6675WantAres: Rise of Guardians Kakao Games confirmed the official name of the new project under development as 'Project Ares (tentative name)' as 'Ares: Rise of Guardians (hereinafter referred to as 'Ares'), and released a teaser s...8.727KWantSea of Conquest: Pirate War StrategyStep aboard SEA OF CONQUEST!Embark on an extraordinary maritime odyssey through the captivating Devil's Seas. Sail into uncharted territories, assume the role of Captain, and immerse yourself in exh.....8.5167WantRealmkeepers MMORPG RPGJoin Realmkeepers, a Classic MMORPG of timeless adventure and legendary loot! Create your Hero, team up with your friends, and fight together through epic Dungeons and Raids. In a world of glory and s...6.1144WantIron Desert Battle RoyaleActionShooterFurry Battlefield: Iron Desert is an upcoming third-person PVP shooter battle royale game coming to Mobile and PC developed using the powerful Unreal 5 engine. This game promises to take you on a memo...9.0395WantInfinite Arcana Action"Infinite Arcana" is an action Roguelike mobile game with a fantasy adventure theme.Fist to flesh, heart-piercing fighting, you may enjoy the best action experience.Randomly generated maps and monst.....7.61KWant


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Games Similar To Dark Surge for Android | 2 - TapTap (2024)
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