Genshin Impact Walkthrough, Characters, Codes, Guide, and Gameplay (2024)

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo in mainland China and HoYoverse worldwide. Released in 2020 for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows, and in 2021 for PlayStation 5, it is set to be released on Nintendo Switch.

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The game features an anime-style open-world environment and a combat system based on elemental magic and character-switching. It follows the story of the Traveler, an inter-dimensional adventurer who gets separated from their twin sibling upon arriving in the fantasy world of Teyvat.

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Teyvat is home to seven nations, each ruled by a different god and tied to a distinct element. The Traveler, accompanied by their guide Paimon, embarks on a journey across these nations to find their lost sibling and uncover the land’s mysteries. The game is free-to-play but monetized through gacha game mechanics, where players can spend real money to obtain new characters and items.

Development for Genshin Impact began in 2017, drawing inspiration from various sources like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, anime, different world mythologies, countries, and Gnosticism. It has received generally positive reviews, with praise for its combat mechanics and immersive open world. However, some criticism has been directed towards its simplistic endgame content and the gacha-based monetization model.

Despite the criticisms, the game has been hugely successful financially, grossing nearly $3.7 billion by September 2021, making it the highest-earning video game in its first year of launch across all platforms.

Genshin Impact Walkthrough

Here is the most expected walkthrough for theGenshin Impact.

1) Temple

Temple of the Wolf

“Temple of the Wolf” is a challenging dungeon in the game Genshin Impact. To enter the temple, it is recommended to have a party level of 25, but lower levels can also complete it with smart choices. In the first room, players must defeat a group of enemies and break two Hydro eggs to create rain. Using elemental attacks after this will yield powerful combinations.

After clearing the first room, a switch in the middle offers three choices: Hydro Trial, Electro Trial, and Pyro Trial. Players can pick the challenge that best suits their party’s attack style. Completing one trial in this room and one trial in the second room is enough to finish the temple.

For the Hydro Trial, players need a Pyro fighter to melt the shields, a strong area attack to deal with weaker enemies, and physical attacks against the main enemy. The Electro Trial involves quickly dispatching archers, then defeating the Hilichurls with a powerful combat fighter. In the Pyro Trial, freezing enemies with Cryo attacks and using physical combat works well.

After completing the first set of trials, players face another set with increased difficulty. They should choose based on their party’s strength and health. In the second set, the Hydro Trial involves dealing with an Abyssal Mage using Pyro attacks mixed with physical ones.

The Electro Trial includes defeating a boss who summons electric bugs but focusing on the boss is essential. For the Pyro Trial, players should first take out melee fighters and then use elemental attacks on the Pyro mage’s shield before engaging in quick physical attacks.

Upon completing the second trial, the temple is finished, and the challenges are conquered.

Temple of the Falcon

“Temple of the Falcon” is the first unlocked temple in the game Genshin Impact, recommended for a party level of 21. The temple presents various challenges that require specific character abilities.

To begin, a Cryo and Pyro fighter are ideal for dealing with two fire traps at the entrance. If a Cryo character is present, freezing the traps makes them harmless.

Inside the temple, two switches are behind barriers. One is concealed behind a breakable wall, while the other sits near an explosive barrel. Characters like Amber, with good aim, can shoot the barrel, activate the switch, and progress.

In the next room, players face enemies like Hilichurls and Slimes. Eliminating the shielded Hilichurl first will make the others easier to defeat. Remember that Slimes are immune to Wind damage.

Next, players need to use Amber’s aiming ability or a similar skill to shoot three floating green orbs, creating wind currents to glide across a gap.

The following room contains two weak archers and a powerful shielded Hydro Slime. Taking out the archers first with close combat is advisable, followed by using Pyro attacks to melt the shield and then physical attacks to defeat the Slime.

Overall, players should plan their party’s composition and utilize specific character abilities to conquer the challenges in the Temple of the Falcon.

Temple of the Lion

“Temple of the Lion” is a straightforward challenge that can be easily completed with a high-level Electro fighter in your party, such as Lisa. You start by gliding across a gap and defeating just one slime. Then, activate a pillar with an Electro attack to trigger a 20-second challenge of defeating four enemies. Using your Electro fighter’s area attack will make this task easy. There are hidden chests in some rooms.

In the next room with water pools, lure the enemies into the water and use the area attack to deal extra damage. Repeat this tactic in the following room with more enemies and water pools. Once the enemies are defeated, use the wind currents to progress to the next level.

After dealing with the second set of enemies, you need to jump across a few platforms to reach the end of the Temple. Finally, attack the dragon egg to complete the run and claim your rewards. The challenge is quite manageable with an Electro fighter in your team.

2) Story Quests

Pavo Ocellus Chapter: Act One

In the “Pavo Ocellus Chapter: Act One – Kaeya Story Quest” in Genshin Impact, players unlock this quest after completing Prologue One and reaching Level 10. The quest begins with meeting Kaeya at the Knights Headquarters in Mondstadt.

He asks you to investigate a mysterious treasure and directs you to the Adventurer’s Guild for information. However, no one there has any useful intel. Later, a cutscene reveals that someone has overheard your conversation, progressing the story.

Kaeya then sends you to meet an informant outside Mondstadt. After finding her, she gives you a cryptic clue related to the treasure’s location. You can either solve the clue yourself or seek Kaeya’s help at the Knight’s Headquarters, where he marks the treasure’s location on your map. The treasure is on top of a windmill to the right of the HQ. Climbing the windmill requires stamina management, similar to climbing towers in Breath of the Wild.

Upon reaching the top, you find another clue leading to the cliff above the waterfall south of Springvale. There, you encounter Cryo columns that, when blasted with Cryo abilities, reveal a map. Following the map, you head to Falcon Coast, find a cave, and defeat enemies inside, including a spinning fire trap.

After the cave, you face a challenging door, where you must defeat six enemies within a minute to proceed. Following this, the nefarious figure who overheard you earlier appears, mocking you for being slow and admitting he didn’t find the treasure either. Kaeya shows up and tries to arrest the man, leading to a boss battle against the Rain Guard.

Once the Rain Guard is defeated, Kaeya reveals that the entire quest was a test to determine if he could trust you. The treasure turns out to be real, but the quest itself was a wild goose chase. Despite not explicitly informing him about finding the treasure, Kaeya trusts you, and the quest concludes successfully.

Lepus Chapter: Act One

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In the “Lepus Chapter: Act One – Amber Story Quest” of Genshin Impact, players are tasked with passing an exam to obtain a gliding license. The quest begins by speaking to Amber, who informs the player that gliding is technically illegal, so they need to prove their skills.

The first test involves flying through rings, with gold rings being the main objective and white rings providing a speed boost. The second test is more challenging, with tightly clustered rings requiring sharper turns. The third test is similar to the first, but players need to be cautious of windmill blades while gliding.

After completing the gliding test, players need to search for Raptor by following clues using the Elemental Vision skill. They encounter weak enemies before locating Raptor’s trail and entering a cave. Inside the cave, players face enemies while gliding and must clear the area. Next, they solve puzzles involving shooting latches and flipping switches to progress.

Eventually, players reach Raptor, who taunts them across a chasm. Amber demonstrates a hidden wind current to clear the gap and engages in a battle with Raptor and his minions. Raptor is not too tough at Level 15, especially after defeating his friends. After the victory, Amber awards the player with their gliding license at the Mondstadt cathedral.

Overall, the quest provides a mix of gliding challenges, combat encounters, and puzzle-solving, culminating in the acquisition of the gliding license.

Tempus Fugit: Act One – Must be Rank 15

“Tempus Fugit: Act One – Lisa Story Quest” in Genshin Impact revolves around Lisa, one of the game’s prominent characters. The quest is divided into two parts: the first involves running around and making dialogue choices, while the second focuses on combat challenges.

To begin the quest, the player heads to Mondstadt’s Knight’s Headquarters and meets Lisa in the library. Lisa asks for help in collecting overdue books. The player interacts with various characters to gather the books, including choosing a gift for Lisa from Marjorie and Donna.

After retrieving two books, the quest reveals that the third book has been stolen. The player uses elemental vision to find clues, leading to a purple cave where the action shifts to combat.

Inside the cave, the player faces various challenges, making Lisa, an electric fighter, an ideal choice for combat. The player navigates through the cave, overcoming slime monsters and solving puzzles using Lisa’s electric attacks and other elemental abilities.

The player needs to open three doors using electric attacks on nearby lightning rods. Beyond the doors, they encounter combat challenges, including defeating cyro slimes and a cyro abyss mage.

After completing the challenges, the player finds the missing library book in a chest. The quest concludes by returning to the library and speaking with Lisa once more.”

2) Archon Quests

Prologue One

In the game Genshin Impact, players start by selecting their Twin characters and then witness a cutscene that sets up the beginning of the game. They meet their companion Paimon, who explains game elements in the first ten minutes. Players head to Mondstadt but encounter a dragon and divert to the Whispering Woods, where they meet Amber, a useful early-game character. They activate a Teleporter, clear a bandit camp, and continue to Mondstadt.

In Mondstadt, players unlock their gliding ability and encounter the Stormterror dragon. After the fight, they meet various characters, including Kaeya and Lisa, who become playable later. Players then visit a temple and complete a linear path using Amber’s Pyro abilities, followed by another temple using Kaeya’s Cryo abilities. Lastly, they go to a temple run by Lisa, using her elemental skills to progress. Prologue One is then completed.

Prologue Two

To begin the second Prologue mission in Genshin Impact, you need to talk to Jean near the Mondstadt fountain. She’ll direct you to the Knight’s Headquarters for a discussion, but the real action starts when you leave. A mysterious purple lady resembling Persona 5’s Joker appears to be up to no good.

After interacting with Paimon on the balcony outside the Headquarters, you’ll be on a mission to find a green boy through Elemental Vision. His trail is fairly linear and easy to follow, leading to a fountain where he introduces himself as Venti. You both discover the Twin’s ability to purify crystals.

Venti then asks you to defeat a swirling wind sphere near Windrise River. Afterward, you’ll visit the cathedral and proceed to a secret basem*nt, where you encounter the purple Joker lady who takes the lyre and vanishes. The Twin is mistaken for the thief and seeks refuge in a tavern, meeting Diluc, who helps you out.

Next, you’ll head to a cave near Springvale Lake, defeat some enemies, and retrieve the lyre. You fix it at the tavern and move on to the final part of the quest.

At the Thousand Winds Temple, you face a formidable Ruin Guard, needing to defeat it to access Dadaupa Gorge. There, you face a stronger swirling wind sphere and enter the temple after defeating it.

Inside the temple, you encounter enemies and solve platform puzzles to reach the final room and confront the boss. After claiming your rewards, you head to the Dawn Winery to talk to Jean, Dulic, and Venti. The best place to play the returned lyre is discovered to be Starsnatch Cliff, leading to an intriguing revelation about the dragon.

Throughout the quest, you’ll encounter challenges and intriguing characters that shape the unfolding story in Genshin Impact.

Prologue Three

To begin this quest in Genshin Impact, you must reach Adventure Rank 18 and meet Diluc at the Dawn Winery. From there, head west to the region’s edge to battle Hydro foes. Use Electro attacks on their shield and keep your distance to avoid being frozen. Lisa is a good choice for this part.

Next, head north to the edge of the region where you’ll encounter an invisible wall and a canyon. Descend the canyon using gliding or jumping down to cliff platforms. Defeat the enemies at the bottom; they should be manageable if your party is around Level 26+. The main challenge is a big Hilichurl with a wooden shield, but using Pyro attacks will make it easier.

After a cutscene, a barrier will fall, allowing you to progress. Climb up a tower, and at the top, grab a glowing light actuator and carry it to a blue column. Talk to Venti, who will instruct you to repeat the process for three nearby actuator columns.

You can complete the three columns in any order. Look for three golden circles on your map, each with three actuators to find. The left area is the easiest, while the central area requires climbing stairs and breaking rock barriers. The right area involves climbing pillars with wind currents to reach the actuators. Once you’ve collected all nine, return to the tower to confront Stormterror.

For the battle against Stormterror, it’s recommended to have characters at least Level 26+. Venti is a significant help, but a second ranged fighter is useful in case Venti falls. At least one strong physical attacker is also recommended for certain stages of the fight.

The first stage of the battle is a flight battle, where you need to shoot the targets on Stormterror’s back while avoiding his attacks. In the second stage, use Venti’s ranged attacks to deplete Stormterror’s shield, then switch to a physical attacker to target his claws when he lands. Repeat the process until Stormterror is defeated.

After the battle, there are some storytelling events to go through, involving talking to various characters in Mondstadt and other villages. Once you complete these events, head to the Cathedral in Mondstadt to talk to Jean and Venti, and then go to Windrise to officially end the quest.

Chapter One: Act One – Must be Rank 23

In Genshin Impact, to begin a quest, head to Liyue Harbor and talk to three specific people along the way. They will inform you about the Rite ceremony. You must reach the terrace above by climbing the cliff or using other means. Interact with two shrines and the fountain to trigger mini cutscenes.

Similar to a previous event, you’ll be falsely accused and need to escape. You can either weave through the crowd or sprint straight to avoid detection. After escaping, you’ll meet Childe, another Fatui member, who sends you on a quest to meet the adepti of Jeuyun Karst.

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First, teleport to Qingyun Peak and fight off 20 Millelith guards. Then, visit three separate locations: Mt Hulao, Mt Aozang, and Wangshu Inn. Each location has its challenges, such as rescuing a trapped person, solving puzzles, and defeating enemies.

At Wangshu Inn, you encounter a ghost and a Ruin Hunter boss battle. After defeating the boss and resolving the ghost’s issue, return to Childe at Northland Bank to conclude the quest.

Chapter One: Act Two – Must be Rank 29

In Chapter 1, Act 2 of the game, Genshin Impact, the player embarks on a quest that involves several tasks. The quest begins in Liyue Harbor, where the player talks to Childe and receives a bag of Mora to use for the quest. They then purchase Noctilus Jade from a merchant in the south end of Liyue Harbor and proceed to the Dadaupa Gorge to cook it using a specific pot.

After dealing with Hilichurls and cooking the Jade, the player returns to the Liyue Harbor to buy Silk Flowers from another merchant. They run some errands, talk to several people, and collect materials to make perfume.

Then, they teleport to the statue to speak to Zhongli. The quest continues with Madame Ping, who offers the Cleansing Bell, leading to the next stage. In this stage, the player buys a kite from Granny Shan and barter with workers to get materials for the kite.

The next part of the quest involves visiting the Bubu Pharmacy to talk to Qiqi and then going to Mt. Tianheng to find the Guizhong Ballista. After retrieving ballista parts and defeating Treasure Hoarders, the player returns to Qiqi and Yujing Terrace. Zhongli invites the player to a meal, which takes place after 18:00 at the restaurant, where a cutscene concludes the quest.

As of now, there are no further quests in Genshin Impact, but future updates are expected to introduce more content to the game. Players are encouraged to check for updates regularly.

Chapter One: Act Three – Must be Rank 35

In Chapter 1, Act 3 of the game Genshin Impact, the player receives an invitation to Ningguang’s Jade Chamber after spending some time with Zhongli. To reach the chamber, they teleport to the Sea of Clouds waypoint near Liyue Harbor, fly across to Mt. Tainheng, and trigger a cutscene. Paimon suggests using a ballista to reach the palace, but they opt to find an alternative route.

The player meets Keqing, a member of the Liyue Qixing, who believes they were invited to prevent them from fully supporting the Adepti’s involvement in dealing with the drama surrounding Rex Lapis. The player learns they need to bring a greeting gift for Ningguang, and after searching for ingredients, they put together the required gift.

To reach the Jade Chamber, the player seeks help from a guide at Yuehai Pavilion in Liyue Harbor. They meet Ningguang, who talks about the Archon War and surviving gods becoming archons in modern Teyvat. Afterward, the player investigates a marked location on the map and faces Fatui fighters. They also obtain Glaze Lilies for the Rite of Parting from Ganyu.

The Adepti make their move, and the player faces a challenging fight with Childe at the Golden House. Following the struggle, the Lord of Vortex is summoned, and a battle ensues on the Jade Chamber with the Adepti’s help to protect the ballistae. The player defeats the Fatui forces and eventually puts the vortex god down, but Ningguang pays a price.

The player then returns to Zhongli to learn more about the situation and attends the Rite of Parting. After various revelations, the chapter concludes with a final interaction with Zhongli, and if certain conditions are met, the player completes the Archon storyline for Genshin Impact 1.1.

Chapter Two: Prologue – Must be Rank 36

In Chapter 2, Prologue: Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves of Genshin Impact, the player is in Liyue and wants to find a way to reach Inazuma. They meet Atsuko, who informs them about Beidou and The Crux Fleet, who might be able to help them cross the sea to Inazuma. The player heads to Guyun Stone Forest and reaches Beidou’s ship, where they talk to her and learn about a tournament organized by Beidou and Kazuha. Beidou offers the player a choice: win the tournament for a Masterless Vision or a trip to Inazuma.

The player competes in The Crux Clash tournament, using only the Traveler without elemental powers. They progress through the matches until they qualify for the Finals. Kazuha asks the player to demonstrate their skills by fighting slimes.

During the Finals, the Masterless Vision is stolen, and the player, along with Kazuha, follows the thief, leading to a battle with treasure hoarders. The player eventually faces Fei, the thief, in a fight. After defeating Fei, Kazuha lets him go, as the vision didn’t awaken during the battle.

The player and Kazuha return to the tournament grounds, and the quest concludes by talking to Zhuhan, the receptionist.


Genshin Impact Gameplay

“Genshin Impact is an open-world, action role-playing game that allows players to control one of four interchangeable characters in a party. Players can switch between characters during combat, combining various skills and attacks. Characters can be strengthened by leveling them up and equipping them with artifacts and weapons.

The game offers exploration and challenges, with bosses and rewards scattered throughout the world. Players can increase their Adventure Rank by completing challenges, unlocking new quests, challenges, and raising the World Level, which determines enemy strength and reward rarity.

Players can run, climb, swim, and glide with their characters, limited by stamina. Some characters have abilities that can modify the environment, like freezing water to create ice paths. Fast travel is possible using teleportation nodes, and Statues of The Seven provide healing, revival, and stamina benefits.

Gathering food, ore, and resources from enemies and chests enhances character strength. Special battle instances called “Domains” reward materials to increase character and weapon power. Players can also cook meals using ingredients for various beneficial effects.

The game features a multiplayer co-op mode where up to four players can explore the world and join Domains together. Cross-platform play allows players from different platforms to play together.

Additional playable characters can be unlocked by completing quests or participating in limited-time events. Most characters are obtained through the gacha system called “Wishes,” where premium in-game currencies are used to obtain rewards.

The game’s elemental combat system allows characters to control one of seven elements, and elements can interact with each other to create different effects. Characters have unique Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts that require elemental energy to use.

In the Version 3.3 update, a tabletop-based collectible card game called Genius Invokation TCG was introduced as an optional game mode. Players use turn-based battles with character and supporting cards, combining elemental reactions to win. The game received positive feedback, with commentators praising its ability to keep players engaged and improve the overall game experience.”

Genshin Impact Guide

The most anticipated walkthrough for Genshin Impact includes details on various temples, story quests, and Archon quests. Here’s a summary of each section:

  1. Temples:
  • Temple of the Wolf: A challenging dungeon where players defeat enemies, complete trials, and use elemental attacks strategically.
  • Temple of the Falcon: Requires specific character abilities to solve puzzles and defeat enemies throughout the temple.
  • Temple of the Lion: A straightforward challenge that can be easily completed with a high-level Electro fighter in the party.
  1. Story Quests:
  • Pavo Ocellus Chapter: Act One (Kaeya Story Quest): Players investigate a mysterious treasure with Kaeya’s help.
  • Lepus Chapter: Act One (Amber Story Quest): Players take a gliding exam to obtain a gliding license.
  • Tempus Fugit: Act One (Lisa Story Quest): Lisa’s quest involves collecting overdue books and facing combat challenges.
  • Chapter One: Act One (Liyue Archon Quest): Begins with a festival and progresses through several tasks, leading to confronting Stormterror.
  • Chapter One: Act Two (Liyue Archon Quest): The player embarks on a quest involving various challenges and meeting characters in Liyue.
  • Chapter One: Act Three (Liyue Archon Quest): The player attends a ceremony and confronts the Lord of Vortex in Liyue Harbor.
  • Chapter Two: Prologue (Inazuma Archon Quest): The player competes in a tournament to earn a Masterless Vision or a trip to Inazuma.

The summary covers the main objectives and challenges players will encounter in each of the mentioned quests and temples in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Character

Here is the list of some of the characters in theGenshin Impact.






Model Type

Albedo5 StarsGeoSwordMondstadtMedium Male
Alhaitham5 StarsDendroSwordSumeruTall Male
Aloy5 StarsCryoBowNoneMedium Female
Amber4 StarsPyroBowMondstadtMedium Female
Arataki Itto5 StarsGeoClaymoreInazumaTall Male
Baizhu5 StarsDendroCatalystLiyueTall Male
Barbara4 StarsHydroCatalystMondstadtMedium Female
Beidou4 StarsElectroClaymoreLiyueTall Female
Bennett4 StarsPyroSwordMondstadtMedium Male
Candace4 StarsHydroPolearmSumeruTall Female
Chongyun4 StarsCryoClaymoreLiyueMedium Male
Collei4 StarsDendroBowSumeruMedium Female
Cyno5 StarsElectroPolearmSumeruMedium Male
Dehya5 StarsPyroClaymoreSumeruTall Female
Diluc5 StarsPyroClaymoreMondstadtTall Male
Diona4 StarsCryoBowMondstadtShort Female
Dori4 StarsElectroClaymoreSumeruShort Female
Eula5 StarsCryoClaymoreMondstadtTall Female
Faruzan4 StarsAnemoBowSumeruMedium Female
Fischl4 StarsElectroBowMondstadtMedium Female
Ganyu5 StarsCryoBowLiyueMedium Female
Gorou4 StarsGeoBowInazumaMedium Male
Hu Tao5 StarsPyroPolearmLiyueMedium Female
Jean5 StarsAnemoSwordMondstadtTall Female
Kaedehara Kazuha5 StarsAnemoSwordInazumaMedium Male
Kaeya4 StarsCryoSwordMondstadtTall Male
Kamisato Ayaka5 StarsCryoSwordInazumaMedium Female
Kamisato Ayato5 StarsHydroSwordInazumaTall Male
Kaveh4 StarsDendroClaymoreSumeruTall Male
Keqing5 StarsElectroSwordLiyueMedium Female
Kirara4 StarsDendroSwordInazumaMedium Female
Klee5 StarsPyroCatalystMondstadtShort Female
Kujou Sara4 StarsElectroBowInazumaTall Female
Kuki Shinobu4 StarsElectroSwordInazumaMedium Female
Layla4 StarsCryoSwordSumeruMedium Female
Lisa4 StarsElectroCatalystMondstadtTall Female
Mika4 StarsCryoPolearmMondstadtMedium Male
Mona5 StarsHydroCatalystMondstadtMedium Female
Nahida5 StarsDendroCatalystSumeruShort Female
Nilou5 StarsHydroSwordSumeruMedium Female
Ningguang4 StarsGeoCatalystLiyueTall Female
Noelle4 StarsGeoClaymoreMondstadtMedium Female
Qiqi5 StarsCryoSwordLiyueShort Female
Raiden Shogun5 StarsElectroPolearmInazumaTall Female
Razor4 StarsElectroClaymoreMondstadtMedium Male
Rosaria4 StarsCryoPolearmMondstadtTall Female
Sangonomiya Kokomi5 StarsHydroCatalystInazumaMedium Female
Sayu4 StarsAnemoClaymoreInazumaShort Female

Genshin Impact Codes

Here are the Genshin Impact codes:

  • NS92PG6DB52M– Redeem to get 60 primogemsand five adventurer’s experience
  • WTQ2E83WS869– Redeem to get 60 primogemsand five adventurer’s experience
  • GENSHINGIFT– Redeem to get 50 primogems and three hero’s wit (this code works periodically)

How to RedeemGenshin Impact Codes?

To redeem your Genshin Impact code, you must be Adventure Rank ten or higher.

  • Once you reach that rank, visit the official gift redemption page and log in to your account.
  • Select your server, input your character nickname, and enter or paste the code into the provided field.
  • After that, click on the redeem button, and the rewards will be added to your account. Enjoy your rewards!

Disclaimer: The above information is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the Site.

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