Make Friends Online - Meet New People (2024)

ChatKK is a great place to make friends online around the world and you are free to make new friends even without register. You will find friends based on their gender, age, location, common interest and more.

If you are a person who loves to make new internet friends and share thoughts with people from different cultures, then this is a great place for you.

Are you home alone? You are not lonely anymore, there are many things to do with ChatKK. Other than making new friends there are some online games to play and online chat rooms to chat with new people.

How to Make Friends Online on ChatKK

There are more than 50000 users from 213 different countries who have made their profiles on ChatKK and you are free to view their profiles and make new friends using the contact details they have shared on their profiles.

No registration required to make friends online here because You don't need to login to see profiles of ChatKK users. Also We don't force you to register on ChatKK and It's your freedom to decide whether come in or not.

Many people have shared their contact details publicly but some people have shared them privately. You need to be a registered ChatKK user to view privately shared contact details if any.

Once you have registered with ChatKK, you are free to send private messages directly to other registered users.

To make friends online with your interest, We have listed all our users in different sections and categories below. In each section you will see categories with their titles and icons. Click on a category to go to the page where users are listed in.

Make New Friends based on Gender & Age

Here you will find male friends, female friends and teenagers who have made their profiles on ChatKK.

  • Search PeopleSearch all people
  • Male UsersTo make male friends online
  • Female UsersTo make female friends online
  • TeensTo make teenage friends online

Make new Female friends around the world.

Here you will find female friends filtered by their countries, contact details and their interest.

  • Whatsapp GirlsGirls who shared Whatsapp Numbers
  • Facebook GirlsFemale who shared Facebook IDs
  • Skype GirlsFemale who shared their Skype IDs
  • USA FemaleFind female friends from United State
  • UK FemaleFind female friends from United Kingdom
  • Canadian FemaleFind female friends from Canada
  • Australian FemaleFind female friends from Australia
  • Italian GirlsFind female friends from Italy
  • German GirlsFind female friends from Germany
  • Indian GirlsFind female friends from India
  • Nigerian GirlsFind female friends from Nigeria
  • Women seeking womenWomen seeking women for friendship
  • Women seeking menWomen seeking men for friendship
  • Girls for ChatGirls who like chat and date
  • Single GirlsSingle girls and women

Meet new people who Looking for friendship, chat, love and foreign contacts

Here you Find ChatKK users who are looking for make new friends, online chat, a lover and some foreign contacts.

  • Foreign ContactsPeople who need foreign contacts
  • FriendshipPeople who like to make new friends
  • Looking for a Life PartnerPeople who are finding a life partner

Make new friends on their interest

Some people like to make only female friends, some like to make only male friends and some like to make both male and female friends. Here you will make friends with their interest.

  • Men seeking menMen seeking men for friendship
  • Interested in MalePeople who seek male friends
  • Men seeking womenMen seeking women for friendship
  • Interested in FemalePeople who seek female friends
  • Women seeking womenWomen seeking women for friendship
  • Women seeking menWomen seeking men for friendship

Meet new people who have shared contacts

Some ChatKK users have shared their phone numbers, email addresses, facebook IDs and Skype IDs. Here you will meet new people based on their contact details.

  • SKYPE ContactsPeople who shared Skype IDs
  • Whatsapp ContactsPeople who shared Whatsapp Numbers
  • KIK IDsPeople who shared KIK IDs
  • Snapchat IDsPeople who shared Snapchat IDs
  • Facebook ContactsPeople who shared Facebook
  • Instagram ContactsPeople who shared Instagram contacts
  • Twitter ContactsPeople who shared twitter contacts
  • Hangouts ContactsPeople who shared their Hangouts
  • Email ContactsPeople who shared Email
  • Linked In ContactsPeople who shared their Linked In

Meet new people by their religion

You can also find people by their religion.

  • Christian FriendsFind christian friends
  • Islam friendsFind Islam friends
  • Hindu PeopleFind Hindus
  • Buddhist peopleFind Buddhist friends

Meet new people by their relationship status

We also categorized according to the relationship status of our users; as single, married, separated etc.

  • Single PeopleSingle male and female users
  • Married peoplePeople who are married
  • Complicated RelationshipPeople who in a complicated relationship
  • Divorced PeopleDivorced people for friendship
  • Separated PeopleSeparated people for friendship
  • Widowed PeopleFind Widows and Widowers
  • In a relationshipPeople in a relationship
  • Engaged peoplePeople who get Engaged

Make friends online based on their countries

ChatKK is a community network with the users from 211 different countries around the world and We reserve new pages for countries based on the count of registered users came from. Here you will make friends online based on countries they live in. These are the top countries most users come from :

  • USA PeoplePeople from United State
  • UK PeoplePeople from United Kingdom
  • Australian PeoplePeople from Australia
  • Canadian PeoplePeople from Canada
  • Indian PeoplePeople from India
  • Pakistani PeoplePeople from Pakistan
  • Bangladeshi PeoplePeople from Bangladesh
  • South African PeoplePeople from South Africa
  • Nigerian PeoplePeople from Nigeria
  • Ghana PeoplePeople from Ghana
  • Philippines PeoplePeople from Philippine
  • Indonesian PeoplePeople from Indonesia

Not the countries you are looking for? See the full list of active countries

How to win friends with ChatKK

ChatKK is a great place you to win friends, The simple thing you need to do is making your profile free. Then you will be open to the world, friends with the same interest will contact you with the details you have shared. Making your profile is easy and simple. Are you ready to be a ChatKK user? then Click here to sign-up today.

Make Friends Online - Meet New People (2024)
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