‘Twin Peaks’ Cherry Pie Recipe (2024)



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There are two "see tip"s mentioned - one in the ingredient list for filling/sugar; one in the intro about a "bounty you freeze yourself". I may be missing something obvious, but: where are these tips?

Margaux Laskey, Staff Editor

KLD, we do our best to address all issues in a timely manner, but it's just not possible with over 17K recipes. 1. Nutritional info will automatically populate in a few days. 2. You can leave the cherry brandy out if you'd like, but it intensifies the cherry flavor. 3. The author addresses the crust options – lattice, double crust or chevron (shown here) – in the recipe description at the top. I hope that clears things up and happy baking!


I think the addition of almond extract, or a bit of almond liqueur, pairs better with sour cherries and adds more depth of flavor than any cherry liqueur.


To pit cherries easily, place each one on top of a bottle and shove a straw through the cherry so that the pit is forced through into the bottle.

William Wroblicka

No adjustment necessary. Buttermilk has less fat than whole milk so that may slightly affect the texture of the crust. However, the overall proportions of flour, fat, and liquid specified in the recipe are pretty standard, and should produce a good crust regardless of which liquid you use. Even plain (cold) water would work.

John Spray

Cut the salt by half and drop the booze in favor of 3 tbs of bourbon vanilla...(split 3 beans in a pint of bourbon and 6 months later, you'll have the best vanilla ever). As for the cornstarch? Forget that taste killer... this isn't Chow Mein! Thicken with ground Tapioca. For a crispier crust, use 1/4 cup vodka and 1/4 cup whole buttermilk. Only sour cherries will do and my backyard tree is full of paper bags to keep those pesky Robins at bay.


My first cherry pie. I used sweet cherries, because they were on sale for $2.49 lb near me, and reduced the sugar by 1/3 cup. Pitted them on my porch - took forever and turned my hands bright red. Because the fruit was fresh, the thickening process on the stove took only a few minutes (not 20). Skipped the liquor. Served it Sunday night for the Twin Peaks Return premiere, along with coffee, "black as midnight on a moonless night." A hit!


Ahhh, the eternal question as to how to thicken a good cherry pie. I'm a tapioca fan myself.


What adjustments to recipe, as written, should be made if using real buttermilk instead of milk/ACV?

Sara Bonisteel

Did you use kosher salt (such as Diamond) or coarse kosher salt (Morton)? Coarse kosher salt is doubly salty and would overpower the crust. This recipe calls for regular kosher salt.


Cherry pie is m favorite desert, so I have tasted many iterations over the years. I found this particular filling disappointing on account of the texture. Cooking the filling before hand renders the cherries softer, depriving them of that lovely burst of tart juice when you eat the finished pie. For me, that burst is the best part of a cherry pie, and I was sorry to miss it with this recipe.


I'm a nut about cheery pie ... it's about the only sort of fruit pie that I eat. I have eaten a lot of them. Sweet cherries make the pie much too sweet.


The tip is located just below step 7. In case your page doesn't show it, here it is:

" Tip

Buy sour cherries when they are in season and pit them the same day you buy them. Mix 4 cups/550 grams pitted sour cherries with 1/2 cup/100 grams sugar and freeze in a zipper-lock bag. For this recipe, you would use 2 bags of these frozen cherries without adding the sugar on the ingredient list. The cherries will keep, frozen, for up to 2 years."


We're big "Twin Peaks" fans, so couldn't wait to try this recipe as a dessert in front of the TV on Sunday evening. Didn't have enough cherries, but a bag of frozen blueberries was a good addition to the cherries. Agent Cooper would have been happy. Now, if we can only figure out what's going on with the series?


can someone tell me te purpose of the cider vinegar? I've seen that in another recipe, and honestly, it was one of the best crusts I've ever made. Not sure what part the vinegar played, but I'd like to know. Thx.


This pie seems like a good candidate for blind-baking

Pat Philipps

It’s a winner of a recipe.However, why wouldn’t the editors amend this recipe to use REGULAR salt instead of KOSHER SALT when there are so many variations in kinds of kosher salt? Additionally, why would the editors say frozen cherries can stay in the freezer for up to two years? With the majority of freezers these days being frost free, there is no way this fruit wouldn’t succumb to freezer burn.These are simple fixes that could help their readership have a more successful outcome.


Any pie experts out there have an idea about how to achieve the effect of chilling dough wrapped tightly in plastic wrap without using plastic wrap? I don’t keep it in the house for environmental reasons and so I’ve tried non-plastic substitutes before, but my dough always dries out a little more than I’d like. Planning to make this pie for my mom’s b-day and want it to be perfect!


Cherrry Pie, one of my two favorites! Growing up, a neighbor had a sour cherry tree, but have never been able to find sour cherries, fresh or frozen in the store anywhere I have lived as an adult, which has been 8 states. Have seen some offered for shipping from Michigan but costly. Any suggestions on finding them locally, either fresh or frozen or possibly a substitute. Thanks

Linda Bell

There are few pies better than sour cherry. You can also make excellent cobblers with them. And freezing is an excellent idea. I used to do that back in the day when the previous owners of our house were kind enough to plant a sour cherry tree.

Joyce, Highlands, NC

I bought a cherry pitter that pits five cherries at a time and it changed the game!


I used Diamond Crystal Kosher salt and found the one tablespoon listed in the ingredients to be too much. It didn't ruin the pie, but next time I'll use maybe two teaspoons of salt instead of the full tablespoon.


I have had a lot more success if I defrost and drain the sour cherries from the farmers market and sweeten/thicken just the liquid before adding back the cherries. This does add a step but it avoids overcooking the cherries and making them tough.


This is my new go-to pie crust recipe. I added 0.5 tsp of almond extract instead of the 3 Tbsp of cherry liqueur.


This pie is amazing. It’s hands-down my favorite crust, and probably what I’ll use for other pies in the future. The improv buttermilk is genius.Made it with frozen tart cherries (good quality) because it’s what was available. Also we used 3/4 cup sugar instead of a cup for the filling. Added about an extra Tbsp of tapioca flour to the filling to stabilize, and the consistency was perfect, as was the crust and flavor. Separate the dough into a big and a little disc - big for the crust. Yum


This was a great pie- not too cloyingly sweet, it would be a great candidate for a scoop of some really good vanilla ice cream! My only comment would be about storing the pie for up to 5 days- even made just one day ahead, the crust was soggy to the point of appearing raw (although it very much wasn't!) There is a LOT of moisture in this pie... I would recommend making it the day you plan to eat it. Could possibly be a good candidate for an egg white brushed on the crust to seal out moisture.


This is my favorite cherry pie recipe. Partially cooking the filling is key. Put in crust while warm. If you use table salt instead of kosher, decrease salt in crust to 1 scant teaspoon.

Sanchari Ghosh

My friend and I decided to make three pies and rrealized too late that there is a massive typo on the amount of salt needed (makes the crust way too salty).


Andrew/re: "see tip": the ingredients tip is because the tip at the bottom (mentioned in the foreword) explains how to sweeten and freeze bags of cherries for future use. You would need two such bags for this recipe, and would therefore omit the sugar in the ingredients list because your bagged cherries already have the sugar added. There's only one tip, it is mentioned twice I suppose to help you preserve your cherries and then remember that you do not need to sweeten them when you bake.


We made the filling yesterday but put it into a pre-cooked shell made from our own butter pastry recipe. So I can't comment on the pastry but the filing was outstanding. I'm a big cherry pie fan and this is now our #1 recipe.

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‘Twin Peaks’ Cherry Pie Recipe (2024)
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