5 Plugins You Can Use For a Divi Non Profit Website (2024)

If you need to build a Divi non profit website that performs according to today’s latest web designing trends, you need plugins that offer features according to those advancements.

You need plugins that are easy to use at the same time full of features and advanced capabilities.

Divi is a powerful and smart theme to be used for a non profit website. By using plugins that are efficient for the latest developments in the web development domain, you supercharge Divi’s work.

Through this post, you’ll learn about those plugins that can help you build a fulfilling Divi non profit website, even if you’re using a non profit or charity theme. If you’re ready to learn about those plugins, let’s begin.

Supercharge Your Divi Non Profit Website With the Following 5 Plugins

The following suggested plugins for Divi aren’t in any particular order. Each plugin holds its significance in its unique way. Hence, have a look at them and get them for your non-profit website according to your suitability.

1. Divi Plus

Multiple plugins on a single website can increase its load if they’re only for the front-end purpose. They can also increase the chances of vulnerability if your number of plugins is more than 10 or 15. Each day, around 1000 plugins are breached, and if you use a lot of plugins, the chances are it could be the plugins you have on your website.

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But, without multiple plugins, WordPress rarely moves if you’re not a hardcore developer. Therefore, to help you tackle this problem, Divi Extended developed the multipurpose plugin Divi Plus.

It’s a multi-module plugin that you can use for different kinds of Divi web designing requirements for your non profit website. It includes:

  • 60+ modules
  • 80+ pre-built websites
  • 50+ start templates
  • 250+ section blocks
  • 4 Divi extensions

For your Divi non profit website, you can use it to create projects, show volunteers, partner organizations, and even sell merch products to increase your organization’s functioning. It also includes pre-built Divi charity themes to help you get started quickly.

It’s a premium plugin available on both Divi Extended Store and Elegant Themes Marketplace.

User Ratings – 4/5

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2. Divi WooCommerce Extended

Your non profit or NGO website might be all done and already serving its targeted audience. However, your requirement now is to sell some products such as bags, t-shirts, and other NGO-affiliated items so that you can increase the sum. Or perhaps you need donations in different scopes.

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Therefore, you can use WooCommerce for Divi, and to improve WooCommerce’s functionality, you can use the Divi WooCommerce Extended plugin.

This single WooCommerce plugin offers you with:

  • 7 modules for WooCommerce
  • 4 WooCommerce extensions
  • Pre-built layouts

Using these, it will be easier for you to monetize your NGO website with more scope. For instance, using the checkout manager, you can hide fields that are irrelevant to donations. Utilize the products carousel module to display merch items and offer easy buying.

Available on both ET and Divi Extended Store.

User Ratings – 4.5/5

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3. All In One Carousel for Divi

If you’re planning to create a Divi non-profit website that extensively showcases content of different kinds, then using the latest All In One Carousel for Divi plugin is more than possible. It’s a 10+ module plugin offering Divi sliders for different purposes. In addition to modules, you also get 100 layouts to start quickly without spending much time.

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The modules it includes are:

  1. Image carousel
  2. Content carousel
  3. Blog carousel
  4. Card carousel
  5. Team carousel
  6. Testimonial carousel
  7. Portfolio carousel
  8. Product carousel
  9. Timeline carousel
  10. Pricing table carousel
  11. Logo carousel

These modules can help you display volunteers, projects, partners you’re collaborating with, blog posts highlighting your efforts for the cause, WooCommerce products, reviews of the community or patients you’ve helped if your NGO is in the field of health, and much more to have an exhilarating content effect.

Furthermore, carousels are effective in showcasing more without taking much.

Plus, sliders require users or visitors to interact with them to view the content, increasing the website’s interactivity.

If your website’s interactivity is increasing, it will increase the user sessions which simply means better results for the platform. The modules are just one side of the plugin as they offer different styling options, such as slider effects, layouts, and navigation controls, to make carousels for Divi worth adding to the site.

It’s available on both ET and Divi Extended Store.

Just Launched.

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4. Divi Blog Extras

The cause of your NGO website should be spread across the globe, and to effectively fulfill this purpose, blogging is the perfect start. Whether you post daily or weekly, content publication is what helps you reach broader and make people aware of the organization’s initiatives in different areas.

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The Divi Blog Extras plugin offers you tools to enhance the experience of content distribution on your Divi non profit website. Using this plugin, you can build a custom Divi archive page that can have:

  • Post Category filter
  • Ajax pagination
  • Loader with custom color
  • Sidebar widget

It also includes support for 8 different Divi blog page layouts with masonry design. You can select to display posts in multiple columns; on a slider, with overlay effect, and more. Furthermore, it supports custom post types, so if you have any categories other than posts, you can display them using the layouts of Divi Blog Extras.

The plugin improves the overall user experience on the archive page and motivates readers to explore the content with interest.

It’s available on both ET and Divi Extended Store.

User Ratings – 4/5

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5. Divi Gallery Extended

A non-profit or charity website showcases different kinds of images highlighting its initiatives carried out in society. If you add images simply using the Divi gallery module, they’ll only show the events, not moments or the emotion behind them. But if you want to bring those pictures alive, you need to add a creative touch.

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To help you do that, Divi Gallery Extended is for you. Using this single plugin, you can uplift your images in Divi without spending much time and using any overwhelming elements or design effects.

The plugin provides you with 4 different modules that enable you to display:

  • Masonry galleries
  • Dynamic image galleries
  • Justified image galleries
  • Video galleries

Each module consists of unique options that make it possible to enable lightbox, title and caption, overlay color and icons, gallery filter, and more. Using all of the options, you display images and videos worth a thousand views!

It’s available on both Divi Extended Store and ET Marketplace.

User Ratings – 4/5

Learn More.

Ending Thoughts

Building a beautiful and efficient website is everyone’s goal. Today, a website that prioritizes user experience and search engine guidelines performs the best. If those are your goals, too, then using the above plugin can prove to be useful for you.

These plugins are premium tools; however, each of them will cost you an affordable price. Furthermore, the features and resources you get with them are golden deals at the price they are available.

Each plugin is easy to use and comes with a commitment for future updates.

Hence, by using these tools, you’ll create a Divi non profit website that won’t disappoint you in any manner.

5 Plugins You Can Use For a Divi Non Profit Website (2024)
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